EastEnders: Nitin Ganatra says Masood’s downward spiral will be long-running!

by Anna Howell


Ever since first appearing on our EastEnders screens back in 2007, Masood has provided the square with a light-hearted, heart-felt loveable character, but we all know people can’t stay that way forever in Walford.

Masood (Nitin Ganatra) has faced more than his fair share of heartache over the years, losing his business, his family pride and his own wife to another man.

But it was his recent bout of bad luck, losing his girlfriend Carol (Lindsey Coulson) to her childhood sweetheart David (Michael French), straight after his mother died and his brother moved out, that caused him to lose the most – His faith.

An avid Muslim up to that point, Masood has no sunk into a deep dark depression which has seen him return to gambling, the addiction that cost him his business, and drinking.

The few members of his family who remain have been shocked with his transformation, but according to Nitin Ganatra, the actor who plays him, it might be a long time till they get to see the old Masood again.

masood eastenders

Discussing his new, self-destructive storyline with Soaplife, Ganatra explained:

“EastEnders have given him a downward spiral that lasts for a good length of time. Shabnam is home and she is going to try to clean him up a little bit.

“But just because he washes his hair, has a shave and changes his underwear doesn’t mean that he is okay. When somebody is that low, you don’t expect them to recover in the next episode.”

However, whilst his family and fans may be shocked with what they are seeing, Ganatra went on to reveal that he is enjoying his character’s new mood, adding:

“It’s nice to play the opposite of the chirpy, cheerful postman. They are really degrading Masood and I think that is revitalising the character. He is evolving.”

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC1 / BBC1 HD – Watch an interview with Nitin Ganatra in the clip below: