Eastenders: Pat Evans’ death will be marked with new theme music

by Lisa McGarry

Pat Evans will appear in her last ever Eastenders’ scenes this weekend and the occasion will be marked by new one off theme music.

The soap stalwart will bow out of the BBC One show, after being portrayed by Pat StClements since 1986 and the tear-jerking episode will be given it’s own tune, composed by Simon May, who penned the original theme tune.

Evans – previously Harris, Beale, Wicks and Butcher – was recently diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer and will die in tomorrow night’s episode. Her sons David Wicks (David French) and Simon Wicks (Nick Berry) will return to the Square for Pat’s funeral.

Pat was first seen on- Eastenders in June 1986, over a year after the show debuted on BBC One. Her introduction was the result of a deliberate policy “to add an extra edge of toughness to the show.” Prior to this point, creators Tony Holland and Julia Smith had begun to feel that EastEnders was starting to get “a bit soft”.

However her death scenes definitely won’t be ‘tough’ and in a recent interview with The Sun, StClement admitted that many of her co-stars were in tears as they filmed her demise.

She said:

“There were tears from quite a lot of people. They would look at me and start crying. Every time Shane Richie, who plays Alfie Moon, looked at me, he’d start.

“But having done those last scenes it was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I was exhausted.”

Earlier this year it was announced that St. Clement had quit EastEnders. The actress revealed that she wanted to try other things, saying “I have enjoyed 25 and a half wonderful years in EastEnders creating the character of Pat but feel it’s time to hang up her earrings. Leaving the EastEnders ‘family’ will be akin to a bereavement. But I’m looking forward to the other work and life opportunities that I will have the time to pursue.”