EastEnders: Phil Mitchell will try to get psycho son Ben out of Walford!

Ever since nutty Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) murdered poor Heather Trott by smacking her upside the head with a photo frame, his dad Phil (Steve McFadden) and pseudo brother Jay (Jamie Borthwick) have been covering for him…

And of course, Ben – ever resourceful when it comes to scheming – has even managed to persuade his dad to ditch his fiancé Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) but when Jay reveals that he can’t live with Ben any longer, and announces he wants to go and live with Shirley, Ben panics.

He tells his dad that he’s worried Jay will crack under the pressure of Shirley’s campaign to find out who murdered Hev, and spill the beans about who the real murderer is.

So, agreeing that Jay can’t be around Shirley, Phil decides that the best thing all round is to send both Ben and Jay to stay with his brother Grant – who was of course played by Ross Kemp – in Brazil…

His resolve about the decision is hardened when DC Marsden (Sophie Stanton) calls round and tells Phil that one way or another, she will bring him down for his many unpunished crimes.

However, if anyone gets wind of Phil sending Jay and Ben away, they’re sure to become suspicious as to why he would do that, so Phil will try to send them away in secret.

Of the plot, an EastEnders insider said, “Ben has been doing all he can to get away with Heather’s murder. He’s manipulated his dad and has even turned on Jay.

“After Marsden’s visit, Phil is at breaking point. He decides the best thing to do would be to pack Ben and Jay off to stay with his brother Grant for a while.

“Whether they agree to his plan is another matter. Ben thinks it will make them look guilty if they run but Phil isn’t taking no for an answer.

“He wants them out of the country and will do all he can to get them on a plane.”

Find out if Phil’s plan is successful a week on Friday.

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