Eastenders: Ronnie Branning will finally give Kat Moon’s baby back….here’s how it all starts

EastEnders star Samantha Womack has explained how her character Ronnie comes to the decision that she must return baby Tommy to Kat and Alfie moon.

Ronnie snatched the couple’s baby, after hers died on New Year’s Eve and will be seen making amends and handing the infant back at the end of next week.

The grieving mum can’t cope when her brother in law Max Branning is involved in a car crash and she has to visit him in the same hospital where she gave birth after Christmas.

Being back on the familiar wards brings everything back to Ronnie and she blurts out her secret to husband Jack….though at first he doesn’t believe what she’s saying.

Womack told Inside Soap: “The pressure of what Ronnie has done has been building and building for months and it’s becoming enormous.

“There have been several moments where she’s realised what she has to do, and being in the church for Tanya’s wedding and around Kat and Alfie is particularly difficult for Ronnie. But it’s the car accident involving Max and Abi that makes everything just too much to bear.”

“She blurts out [to Jack] that James isn’t his son, but Jack doesn’t believe her and thinks that her depression is making her say it. He’s really worried and insists on returning to Albert Square with her, but Ronnie drives off without him.

“All she wants to do now is the right thing. And after telling Tommy that she loves him as her own, Ronnie walks into The Vic to bring an end to the torment and confusion she’s caused.”

After handing the baby back, Ronnie will then hand herself over to police. This storyline leads to Samantha Womack’s departure from the BBC soap, though she has admitted that she may return at a later date.

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