Eastenders: Roxy Mitchell is jealous of Christian and Syed!

by Lisa McGarry

EastEnders’ Roxy Mitchell only offered to have a baby for best friend Christian Clarke because she was jealous of his relationship.

Despite the single mum being drunk when she agreed to be a surrogate for Christian and his boyfriend Syed Masood (Marc Elliott), she still had the “best of intentions” with her generous offer.

However, actress Rita Simmons – who plays the bolshie blonde – doesn’t think her alter-ego is addressing her envy in the right way.

She explained: “Roxy had the best of intentions when she offered to have a child for Christian and Syed. But she was probably also thinking of herself in it all. Roxy loves Christian, and would do anything for him. But she’s also feeling a bit left out at the moment – she’s a single mum with no man in her life.

“Meanwhile, her best friend is totally loved-up and planning a family with his boyfriend. She wants all that for herself, but carrying a baby for them isn’t the best way of going about it. Sometimes I wish she’d get a little bit more depth and grow up a bit.”

However, their close friendship is to be put to the test when Roxy falls for hunky newcomer Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd), and Christian walks in on the pair having a passionate encounter.

Rita added to Inside Soap magazine: “She’s supposed to be taking a pregnancy test, so Christian and Syed are livid when they find her with Michael. Christian storms off after accusing Roxy and Syed of never wanting to have a baby in the first place. He’s not far wrong about Roxy.

“Eventually, she and Christian make up and she confesses that her period is late.”

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