Eastenders: Ryan Malloy and Lauren Branning in shock romance?

He has barely been back on our screens a nano-second, but it seems that it will not take Ryan long to move on to his next Walford conquest, and you wont believe who it is…

Ryan (Neil McDermott) is no amateur when it comes to shocking people with his choice of women, what with marrying evil Janine (Charlie Brooks) and then having an affair with the mother of his child, bi-polar widow Stacy Branning (Lacey Turner), but he has out done his self this time, as his new love interest is no other than Lauren Branning! (Jacqueline Jossa).

The age gap between the two will stun Walford residents and viewers alike, but the real question is how will Lauren’s over protective father, Max (Jake Wood) react. Considering his outburst at other daughter, Abi’s (Lorna Fitzgerald) relationship with Jay Mitchell (Jamie Borthwic) due in part to the age gap between them (all of about 3 years!) I hate to imagine how he will take this new development in the continuing Branning train crash.

An ‘EastEnders’ insider revealed: “Max will hit the roof when he discovers that Lauren is with Ryan. To him, Lauren is still his little girl – and he won’t approve of someone so much older being her boyfriend.

“On top of that, he still harbours a grudge against Ryan over his failed relationship with Stacey Branning. Their dislike for each other will only get worse.”

However, it would seem Max is not their only critic, as Ryan’s sister and Lauren’s best friend, Witney (Shona McGarty) is none too pleased, not to mention how psychotic Janine will react (at this point I would like to remind you that she tried to kill Ryan on several occasions when she discovered his affair with Stacy and then stabbed herself framing Stacy forcing her to flee the country!).

The Walford source added to Inside Soap magazine: “No matter how many people disapprove of this love match, Ryan and Lauren won’t bow to pressure and split up.

“Both of them are stubborn, and Lauren won’t allow anyone to tell her what to do. It’ll be a difficult time for Max. He’ll be desperate to drive a wedge between them – and that could mean that he has to join forces with Janine.”