EastEnders: Shane Richie says Alfie will regret accusing Kat of cheating on him!

As fans of EastEnders will most likely know, Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) are about to learn that they’re expecting a baby, but as ever, tragedy is not far away for the couple, and Kat will miscarry the baby.

However, as Alfie believes he’s infertile, when he learns that Kat’s pregnant, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that she’s been unfaithful to him.

But according to Shane, Alfie’s going to bitterly regret making the accusation.

Speaking to Soaplife, Shane revealed that when Kat miscarries the baby, Alfie is “desolate”, and though he reneges on his accusation, it could be too late to save his marriage.

Of the plotline, Shane explained, “Alfie was told in a back street in Spain that he couldn’t have children, so that’s why he’s assuming Kat’s done it again… she’s cheated on him.”

And of Kat’s reaction to Alfie’s accusation, Shane said, “She’s furious and hurt. She can’t believe that he’d doubt her after everything they’ve been through with Tommy.

“How can he even think she’s been sleeping around?”

He added, “Yusef says Alfie’s fertility may have changed so Kat drags him off for tests.

“Alfie agrees because he wants to resolve this as quickly as possible.

“The results reveal that Alfie is not sterile, and he’s thrilled because Kat’s carrying his baby.

“But then Kat clutches her stomach in pain. Something is wrong…”

Later, at the hospital, Alfie learns that Kat’s lost the baby, and he’s full of remorse…

Shane added, “Alfie says they can try again, but Kat says they’ve got Shenice and Tommy and she doesn’t want another baby.

“He says he wants their own child, but she says, ‘Why would I have a child with you when you didn’t believe the last one was yours?’.”

And when asked if the turns of events will split the couple up, Shane replied, “Who knows? I’m not sure people like Kat and Alfie when they’re really happy.

“They’re at their best when there’s a fly in the ointment. It feels as if Jessie and I are rebooting Kat and Alfie now.

“Alfie tells Kat he’s going to prove to her how much he loves her.

“Alfie’s constantly thinking problems will go away. He’s ever the optimist and I love that about him.

“But the miscarriage is going to have some far-reaching repercussions…”

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