EastEnders: Shona McGarty says Whitney Dean only loves the bad boys!

by Lynn Connolly

Shona McGarty, who of course plays the role of troubled teen Whitney Dean in EastEnders, reckons that her character is always going to be more attracted to bad boys than she is to men who treat her well.

And of course, she’s not the first on the Square to feel that way; Dirty Den in his heyday had loads of affairs with the Square’s ladies, and more recently, Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline) is stepping up to the bad lad plate.

Previously, Whitney dated truly bad lad Rob Grayson (Jodi Latham) – who only wanted to use her as a commodity – and before that, she had an underage affair with horrid step-dad Tony King (Chris Goghill).

But as viewers will know, Fatboy Chubb (Ricky Norwood) who is most definitely one of the nicest guys around Walford, has fallen for Whitney, and though she’s dating him, she can’t stop thinking about Tyler…

Speaking to Inside Soap, Shona – who is in real life dating Matt Lapinskas, who plays Anthony Moon – said, “I personally think that it’d be lovely if Whitney and Fatboy could live happily ever after in Walford.

“Deep down though, I reckon that Whitney knows that Tyler’s actually the guy for her. She does like her bad boys, doesn’t she?”

Shona went on to say, “Tyler’s not that bad in reality of course, but he still has that little bit of an edge…

“Like Billie Jackson [Devon Anderson] did when she was going out with him. I think she knows Tyler is going to be the one for her.”

Aww man! I so want Whitney to stay with Fatboy! He’s so good for her, or at least, he would be if she gave him a chance.

Maybe Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) should have a word in her shell like since she found her own Mr Nice Guy in Alfie (Shane Richie), and even though she’s cheated on him more than once, he’s always, always there for her.

Who do you want to see Whitney with? Tyler or Fatboy?

While you’re deciding, in the words of Lady Gaga, let’s take a look at some of Whitney’s bad romances…


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