EastEnders Spoiler Alert! Derek Branning will convince Shirley Carter she slept with him!

Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) is of course known for her propensity towards going on booze fuelled benders, but she’s done less of that since she’s been living with recovering alcoholic Phil Mitchell…

However, next week, we’ll see Phil (Steve McFadden) throwing Shirley out of the house after accusing her of stealing from him.

He knows she hasn’t of course, but as his evil son Ben (Joshua Pascoe) lies to his dad and says he’s been sleep talking about killing Heather Trott, so Phil wants to ensure Shirley isn’t around to overhear it if it happens again, so he orders her to leave.

A bewildered Shirley, who’s just about at rock bottom, immediately seeks solace in the bottom of several bottles, and ever keen to get one over on Phil, Derek Branning takes her back to his flat to sleep it off.

However, the next morning, cunning Derek (Jamie Foreman) will lie to make Shirley think they slept together, and as she can’t remember a thing about the night before, she has little choice but to believe him…

Of the plot twist, Jamie recently told Inside Soap, ”Things aren’t as they seem – they haven’t given Derek a woman just yet.

”Derek doesn’t sleep with Shirley, he just sees it as the perfect opportunity to wind Phil up.

“He doesn’t care what he does to get a reaction or find a weakness in Phil.

”Derek isn’t afraid of reprisals – he’s the kind of man who will always live to fight another day.”

“He even goes as far as buying a pair of knickers from the Albert Square market to ‘prove’ he slept with her.

”If Derek wants something he invariably gets it, and he really wants a rise out of Phil. He enjoys that frisson.”

I wonder if Derek’s bitten off more than he can chew with this particular fight??

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