EastEnders Spoiler: Andrew Cotton labelled a hero after saving Patrick Truemans life!

Heartbroken Andrew Cotton is set to make the leap from zero to hero next week in EastEnders, when he saves Patrick Truemans life!

Larger than life, Andrew (Ricky Grover) has faded into the background somewhat after being cleared of murdering his fiancee, Heather Trott, but things are set to get dramatic again for the bouncer, when he leaps into action to save a choking Patrick (Rudolph Walker).

Unfortunately for Andrew, what he doesn’t realise is that Patrick isn’t actually choking at all.  Realising that troubled Andrew is about to lose his temper, Patrick springs the elaborate hoax to distract and deflect the situation, and when Andrew jumps to the rescue giving Patrick the Heimlich manoeuvre he is quickly praised by the residents of the Square, and branded a hero!

An EastEnders insider said: “Andrew has got a really bad temper and has not been dealing with Heather’s death very well at all. He’s been to hell and back since she was murdered especially after he was arrested on suspicion of committing the violent crime.

“He’s struggled to carry on as normal but has the support of his mum as well as his auntie Dot Branning.

“When Patrick sees him about to lose it, the last thing he wants is for everyone to start having a go at him again.

“He decides the best thing to do is to create a distraction by pretending he’s choking – and it works a treat. Andrew has no idea that he’s not really choking and springs into action.

“It gets the rest of the residents onside and Patrick is over the moon with his handiwork .

“He hopes that Andrew will now be able to be accepted back into the Walford community despite everything he’s been through these last few months.”

These scenes can be seen a week on Tuesday on the BBC soap.

Watch Ricky Grover’s Walford set tour in the clip below:

EastEnders can be seen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings on BBC1/BBC1 HD.