EastEnders Spoiler: Big surprise in store for character Ray Dixon

EastEnders actor Chucky Venn has said there is a big surprise coming up involving his character Ray Dixon.

Show bosses have warned the star that he will soon be involved in a gripping plot-line which will see the darker side of Ray’s personality come out.

Chucky told Inside Soap: “We know that Ray’s a pretty likeable fella, but there is a darker side to him as well. You have to remember that this guy used to be in the Army, so maybe we’ll explore the consequences of that experience.

“There’s lots coming up – I just can’t divulge all of it!”

The new year begins with a break-up for Ray after he kissed partner Kim Fox’s (Tameka Empson) sister Denise (Diane Parish).

Chucky said: “Ray reaches a point where he needs to come up for a breath of air, as there’s only so much of Kim’s heightened personality he can bear.

“Did Ray go for the wrong sister? Who knows? He probably has more in common with Denise than he ever did with Kim.”

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One Response to “EastEnders Spoiler: Big surprise in store for character Ray Dixon”

  1. Josie says:

    I think Denise is a better fit for Ray.