EastEnders spoiler: Has Phil Mitchell killed Ian Beale?

As we have all watched over the last week or so, the cover up of Heather Trott’s murder  is starting to unravel in EastEnders, leaving us all just waiting for the truth to be revealed, but could the Mitchell’s have one more trick up their sleeves?

So far, since Killing Heather, we have seen murderer Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) enlist the help of father Phil (Steve McFadden) to help cover up his dastardly deed, whilst Jay Mitchell (Jamie Borthwick) shook close to breaking point in the background!

However, despite his calculated steps to keep the truth from coming out, including breaking his dad and Shirley (Linda Henry), Heather’s best friend, up, it was Ben himself who spilled the beans, to half-brother Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Thinking that Phil was about to confess all to Shirley, Ben went running to Ian thinking that if he ‘fessed up, the cowardly chip shop owner would protect him from his dad, and the authorities (about as likely as Simon Cowell being a mentor on The Voice).

When the realisation hit him that he had just blown his cover for no reason, Ben turned back to his dad to help him keep Ian quiet, but it seems as though the Walford hardman may have taken this a bit too far!

Phil has tried everything to buy Ian’s silence, including offering him a friendly handshake, but Ian’s anxiety over the situation has seen him get addicted to drinking caffeine drinks and behaving erratically, well more so than usual anyway.

When Ben informs Phil that Ian, who was meant to be marrying Mandy Salter (Nicola Stapleton), has vanished, Phil becomes somewhat horrified, but still tries to take control fo the situation.

He firstly warns Ian’s daughter, Lucy (Hetti Bywater) not to call the police as if social services get wind of the situation then Bobby will be given to Jane.  He then helps her out by giving her the money that her father had owed to Janine (Charlie Brooks) as well as asking for her fathers accounts to help him track Ian down.

Ben and Jay instantly smell a rat, and despite Ben reassuring Jay that there is no way Phil would have killed Ian to keep their secret, he urges Lucy to go tot he police and report her dad missing, going against what Phil said.

Lucy does not take Ben’s advice however, and luckily for Phil who still goes mental at Ben when he finds out he tried to get her to go to the police, and hands over the accounts as requested.

Where is Ian, and when and how will this sorry tale end?

Watch the moment that Ben killed Heather in the clip below:

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  1. Chris on May 26, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Hopefully one the characters will go berserk with an AK47 and kill off all the other characters and then shoot themsselves and we would be rid of this dredful programme.

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