EastEnders spoiler: Lucy tells Ian on wedding day, “it’s Mandy or me”

With Ian Beale’s gazillionth wedding coming up, no one could possibly expect it to go according to plan, after all it is Ian, and it is EastEnders.

But while the world sits and waits for his wife-to-be, Mandy, to come to her senses in the nick of time and stand him up at the altar, or for her to rob him blind as soon as he says I do, viewers will be shocked to see that this wedding is brought down by someone else entirely!

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) has never has a great relationship with any of his kids, and when Lucy (Hetti Bywater) returned to Albert Square recently she made it very clear that she was not about to accept his new wife anytime soon.

So, when the big day arrives, Lucy – who has actually started to show a softer, more caring side recently, even towards Mandy (Nicola Stapleton), is set to ruin her dads wedding when she issues him with a severe ultimatum: “It’s me or Mandy. You decide.”

The wedding is fraught with problems from the start.  It is already the couples third attempt to get down the aisle, and with Ian keeping the fact that he is serious financial trouble from his fiancée, and having just discovered that his brother Ben (Joshau Pascoe) was the person responsible for the harpooning of Heather Trott, this final nail is too much for the chip shop owner to take.

In a bid to block out all his worries he gives Mandy a huge wad of cash to go and buy a new dress, and enlists the best man services of Max Branning (what will Alfie say?), but as quick as plans are being arranged, Lucy is secretly undoing them, including cancelling the registry office and throwing away the rings, in a bid to stop her dad from making, what she believes will be the biggest mistake of his life.

Unfortunately for her, her dad manages to fix everything so the wedding is back on track, forcing her to make the ultimatum on the morning of the wedding.

An EastEnders insider said: “By the morning of Ian and Mandy’s wedding Lucy has done everything she can to stop it happening.

“The only thing she has left to do is plead with her dad to come to his senses. When he refuses she tells him he must choose.

“It’s either Mandy or her and she means it.

“She tells him she will walk out of his life forever if he goes through with the wedding.”

Viewers can watch the drama unfold on May 24th.

Watch another of Ian’s far-from successful weddings below:

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