EastEnders spoiler: Sharon to turn up after in Square after running out on her own wedding!

With the excitement over the return of Sharon Rickman return to EastEnders building by the day, here at Unreality TV we can’t get enough of the details that are leaking through surrounding it.

Earlier this month we reported how Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) return date is set for August 13th, when the show is moved back to BBC1 after its short, Olympic enforced trip to BBC2, and according to the Sun newspaper, will only feature in 7 episodes.

Her storyline is set to centre on seeking ex-flame Phil Mitchell help in finding her kidnapped son, Dennis Junior, with executive producer Lorraine Newman commenting: “Dramatic twists and turns lie ahead.”

Then last week we reported how a trailer showing promoting her return features Letitia Dean suspended from two wires whilst being lowered down (in an almost angelic type of way) from the sky during a hurricane, whilst wearing a wedding dress!

That left a big question mark hanging over the wedding reference, but reports in today’s Sun newspaper have cleared that up for us.

According to the newspaper, Sharon will turn up, hysterical, on ex-lover Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) doorstep dressed for a wedding, her own one in fact!

A bemused Phil will try to comfort Sharon as she reveals that she has bolted from her own wedding in order to try and get help in finding her kidnapped son, Dennis Junior.

However, when they return to the wedding venue, Sharon finds it deserted apart from jilted fiancé John (Jesse Birdsall) who angrily confronts her.

Letitia Dean is set to make her screen comeback on August 13 to coincide with the show returning to BBC1 after its short Olympic induced holiday over to BBC2, and in the meantime you can watch the hurricane trailer in the clip below:

EastEnders can be seen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but please check scheduling as all programming schedules are subject to change and disruptions throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games.