EastEnders Spoiler: Could this be the end of the road for Christian (John Partridge) and Syed (Marc Elliott) as Danny’s (Gary Lucy) revenge results in arrests and blackmail!

by Anna Howell

We reported last week that Marc Elliott, who plays Syed Masood in the hit BBC soap, EastEnders, has commented that there was much more storyline to come for his character’s new love interest, Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy), and it would seem he wasn’t wrong!

Elliott, who is due to leave the soap by the end of this year, said in the interview that Danny was hell-bent on revenge for being messed around, emotionally and financially, by the eldest Masood brother.

Fans of the show will know how Syed borrowed money from Danny, as well as investing money with him, in a bid to try and solve the financial problems he had brought to the family business, and clear the mounting debt. Things did not go according to plan and when bailiffs turned up at his wedding to long-term partner, Christian (John Partridge), the game was pretty much up for the wanna-be entrepreneur!

And now it would seem that Danny is back to cause as much trouble for Syed and his new husband as possible and sets about trying to get his money back in the most devious of ways!

In the explosive storyline, due to air next week, Christian decides to take the problem of Danny, who he now knows shared a kiss with Syed before their wedding, into his own hands when he discovers that Danny has been hassling Syed, trying to get the money he owes him back.

Sneakily using Syed’s phone, Christian tricks Danny into meeting him at the boxing gym, and warns him to lay off Syed about the money.

Not one to be messed with, Danny, hits back with the revelation that Syed has lied to Christian about their involvement, they didn’t just kiss, they slept together! Danny then begins to mock Christian, and taunt him saying that Syed isn’t happy with him and that he settled down with the wrong person, egging him on to hit him, which Christian does, knocking him clean to the floor.

Despite getting up and fighting back, leaving Christian badly beaten, Danny phones the police and reports Christian for the punch, resulting in Christian being arrested, which leaves Syed a bit bemused as Christian lied to him about the fight, saying he had been the victim of a homophobic attack, and also has failed to mention that he knows about him and Danny!

When Syed realises that Danny is involved, it all starts to become clear to him, especially when Danny issues an ultimatum, pay back the money or he will press charges!

We know that both Syed and Christian are set to leave Walford, could this be the reason why?

EastEnders airs these scenes all next week on BBC One.