EastEnders Spoilers: After Michael Moon really gets to Janine, she makes a mystery call, but to whom?!


Michael Moon and his estranged wife Janine are engaged in a game of one-upmanship that centres around their daughter Scarlett, and for weeks, they’ve been taunting each other with a variety of mind games…

But next week, we’ll be left wondering just what Janine’s up to now after she makes a mysterious phone call!

The drama begins on Thursday, July 18, when Michael (Steve John Shepherd) visits Janine (Charlie Brooks) to hand her a belated birthday present for Scarlett. While he’s there, he tells her he wants them to celebrate Scarlett’s birthday – just the three of them…

Initially, Janine isn’t impressed by his offer, but when she bumps into him later, she says she’s changed her mind and that she does want to celebrate Scarlett’s birthday with him tomorrow.

Then, on Friday, when Alice (Jasmyn Banks) realises what Janine’s got planned for Scarlett’s birthday party, she calls Michael to warn him…


He then discovers that Janine has thrown an extremely lavish celebration, complete with a pony, caterers and waiters. Michael angrily tells Janine how ridiculous it all is, however she tells him to either enjoy the day with his daughter, or leave.


As the day wears on, Janine and Michael seem to be getting along well, and as they chat, they both acknowledge the importance of their shared history and how it affects their daughter. Michael then gives Janine a bronzing of Scarlett’s feet as a present, which she finds deeply touching, but of course, won’t admit to Michael.

Later, Alice takes a photograph of Michael, Janine and Scarlett together, but when she sees the picture, Janine’s clearly freaked out and she grabs Scarlett away from Michael.

When Janine gets home, she throws Michael’s birthday card in the bin and makes a phone call to someone, asking whoever it is to come over on Monday…

But who is it?

Find out soon!

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