EastEnders Spoilers: Alfie Moon looks set to be a (real this time) dad when Roxy Mitchell says they should have a baby! (VIDEO)

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It’s been revealed today that EastEnders character Alfie Moon could be set to become a dad for real – he is of course Tommy Moon’s stepdad – when his girlfriend Roxy Mitchell suggests that they try for a baby!

Viewers have seen Alfie (Shane Richie) battling with his soon to be former wife Kat (Jessie Wallace) to establish legal visiting rights to her son Tommy, whose biological father is Alfie’s cousin, Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd).

And it’s as this storyline continues that Roxy (Rita Simons) decides that a child of his own is what doormat Alfie needs.

A show insider told the Daily Star Sunday, “Roxy adores Alfie but will always be insecure where Kat is concerned…

“It’s only natural, due to the history they have and everything they have been through.

“She thinks having a baby with Alfie would cement their relationship.

“If anyone deserves to be a dad it’s Alfie – and Roxy sees that.”

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Speaking about his character’s troubled love life, Shane recently revealed that he enjoys it when the show’s writers come up with problems in Kat and Alfie’s relationship.

He said, “I love it when they split up Alfie and Kat, then get them back together, then split them up again.

“That’s how the soap works best.”

We will of course keep you posted on this plotline, but for now, here’s a look at tomorrow’s visit to Walford…

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2 Responses to “EastEnders Spoilers: Alfie Moon looks set to be a (real this time) dad when Roxy Mitchell says they should have a baby! (VIDEO)”

  1. wendy sharp says:

    think it would be good if kat finds out she is carrying alfies baby especially if roxy trying for a baby with alfie

  2. tilly Smith says:

    No don’t make roxy pregnant it not rightshe only wants to get pregnant so she can show off to kat I don’t like roxy and alfie it should be kat and alfie and it don’t matter if tommy is not his. He did know this when kat was pregnant and he still went through with it so don’t make roxy pregnant it will destroy kat and alfie relationship