EastEnders Spoilers: Alice Branning lands a job with Michael Moon! And will Lola Pearce put herself or Lexi first in a battle of wills with Phil Mitchell? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

alice branning eastenders

As mentioned in the title of this article, Alice Branning is set to become a nanny for struggling single dad Michael Moon after she loses her office job…

We’ll have more on that in a moment, but first, as to the other storyline mentioned above, in Thursday night’s visit to Walford, teen mum Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) will be furious when she finds out that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is going on a two-week holiday to Cornwall to visit his mum Peggy, and he’s taking little Lexi with him!

Lola is of course fed up of Phil calling all the shots and never consulting her over decisions about Lexi, and she’s not happy that she won’t get to see her daughter for two weeks, so in a rage, she tells her granddad Billy (Perry Fenwick) that she wants him to call social worker Trish with a view to her stopping Phil from taking Lexi…

However, Billy and Lola are left shocked when Trish informs them that the terms of the care order still apply, and if Phil goes on holiday without Lexi, the baby will once again be taken into temporary care, so either way, Lola loses.

But even still, Lola wants to make a stand against Phil, and the angry teen talks through the situation with her new friend Dexter Hartman (Khali Best) however, when he tells her that he’d have loved to have had a big family and to have gone on holidays when he was a kid, his words give Lola food for thought. Is she putting her own anger before what’s best for Lexi?

Back now to the news that Alice (Jasmyn Banks) will work for Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) as his nanny, she’ll turn up for her first day in the episode that airs on January 31st, but she’s taken aback when she sees the chaos in Michael’s house…

That chaos includes lots of baby Scarlett’s stuff of course, but also Tyler Moon’s belongings as he’s moved in with Michael following his falling out with Whitney. You can read about that here.

However, a flustered and late Michael doesn’t have time to run through everything with Alice, so he tells her that she’ll find everything Scarlett needs – including a note about her bedtimes and so on – on the kitchen table.

michael moon

He then rushes off, leaving a bemused Alice deciding to tidy up while Scarlett’s sleeping. However, when Michael comes home that evening and finds the house spotless – but can’t find any of his business documents because Alice has ‘tidied’ them away – he furiously tells her that he isn’t paying her to be a cleaner; she’s there to look after Scarlett!

Is Alice’s job as nanny over before it really begun? Find out soon, but for now, here’s a look at an upcoming episode…

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