EastEnders Spoilers: Angry Patrick Trueman will lash out at Denise Fox, knocking her to the floor and cutting her face! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly


Fans of EastEnders will know that Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) has been reliant on Denise and Kim Fox since his accident, and being the proud man he is, not being able to do things for himself is taking a toll on him…

However, when things come to a head for frustrated invalid Patrick next week, he’ll act completely out of character when he lashes out at Denise (Diane Parish) knocking her to the floor and cutting her face in the process!

The drama begins on Thursday, February 28th when a bored Patrick persuades Denise to take him out to the café for breakfast, however, while they’re there, Patrick’s furious when Denise cuts up his food, and declaring that he’s sick of being treated like a child, he demands to be taken home.

Things then get worse when Denise remembers that Lucy (Hetti Bywater) is due to get her scan results, and wanting to be there for the worried teen, Denise asks Kim (Tameka Empson) to keep an eye on Patrick.

However, Kim explains that she has too much to do and suggests they get a carer in. Denise agrees and having spoken with an agency, she gets it all sorted…

But later, when Patrick wakes and calls out for Denise, he’s shocked when a stranger walks in and tells Patrick that she’s called Magda and that she’s there to look after him for a few hours.

Patrick’s livid that Denise and Kim didn’t even consult him about getting a carer in, so in the episode that airs on Friday, March 1, a disgruntled Patrick tries to make his own way up the stairs. But when Magda spots him, she hurries to help, telling him he needs to ask if he wants to move around.


Meanwhile, Denise is in the Vic at Ian’s birthday party – where Denise and the birthday boy are getting ever closer – when Kim comes in and says they’re needed at the B&B. When they arrive, they find Patrick drunk and fearing he’s going to fall, Denise insists he get back in his wheelchair…

However, Patrick’s fed up of being ordered around, and he lashes out at Denise who falls, smashing her face as she does so.

How will Patrick react now that his actions have hurt the woman he thinks of as a daughter? And can Denise ever forgive him?


Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at the next episode of ‘Enders…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.