EastEnders Spoilers: As Kat and Michael Moon meet to discuss Tommy, are they set to become an item again?! (VIDEO)


As we saw recently on EastEnders, Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) finally grew a set and refused to help his estranged wife Kat (Jessie Wallace) out with money to help her get a place of her own…

Angry that she was yet again asking him for cash while simultaneously fighting him over his desire to get a solicitor involved to secure his parental rights over baby Tommy, Alfie spat that Kat should go to Tommy’s dad, Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) for money for once.

So in the episode that airs on April 1, Kat will do just that, however, cold Michael will tell Kat that he has no intention of providing for Tommy, and that as far as he’s concerned, Alfie is Tommy’s dad…

However, after a weary Kat explains that unless they come to some arrangement between themselves, she’ll be forced to contact the authorities who will then get money out of Michael, he agrees to meet on Friday night to talk more.

So on April 5, as Kat gets ready for the meeting with Michael, she wonders if – after he ended up turning on the charm earlier in the week – he thinks it’s a date…

And just in case that proves to be the case, Kat decides that she too can play the game, and she arrives looking a million dollars. And in turn, it’s clear that Michael’s gone to a lot of effort.


As the evening wears on and the pair talk about Tommy, conversation soon becomes affected by the wine and they reminisce as well as discussing the fact that all either of them really wants is to be a good parent to their children.

And when one of them makes it clear that the night doesn’t need to end with anyone going home, are Kat and Michael going to revisit their former passion?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…


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