EastEnders Spoilers: As the police close in, Liam Butcher’s stabbed and Ava’s life is in danger too! (VIDEO)


Coming up in next week’s episodes of EastEnders, the gang storyline reaches a dramatic climax as Liam Butcher (James Ford) is stabbed by one of the hooligans…

And after the gang learn that Ava (Claire Perkins) helped Liam’s mum Bianca in making the decision to call in the police – to tell them that the gang were responsible for the attack on Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) – it looks like her life could be in danger too!

The drama begins on Monday 25th March, when we see that Liam is staying with Kane and his gang on a rough estate as Bianca (Patsy Palmer) frantically searches for her son…

With the gang at the flat, Kane tells Liam that he must some challenges in order to be accepted into the gang, and his first mission is to vandalise a car. Liam does it, despite the fact that the car owner challenges the gang.

However, the biggest test for Liam comes when Kane tells him he has to mug one of the residents of Albert Square…

Terrified, Liam goes into McKlunkys where he finds Shirley (Linda Henry) working. He quickly explains the situation and adds that if he leaves empty handed, the gang will beat him up…


She hands him a £10 note of her own, and he leaves, grateful to Shirley for helping him out. However, on his way out, he drops a knife, and Shirley realises she has to act before Liam ends up in serious trouble.

As the week goes on, everyone implores Bianca to go to the police, including her uncle Jack (Scott Maslen) and mum Carol (Lindsey Coulson) but still the desperate mum resists, knowing that Liam could go to prison if she tells the police about his involvement in the attack on Tamwar.


However, in the episode that airs on Tuesday 26th, after Shirley shows Bianca the knife that Liam dropped, she realises the enormity of what’s happening, and makes her way to the police station.

Meanwhile, back with the gang, Kane tells Liam he passed his challenges and is now one of them.

In the episode that airs on Thursday 28th, when a former school friend of Liam’s sees him with the gang, she quizzes him as to why he’s hanging out with the hoodlums, but he doesn’t have much time to reply as Kane tells him he must now prove how good he is with his fists…

Kane orders Liam to beat up a gang member called Chris, however, in the fight, Liam comes off worst but meanwhile, Ava and Dexter (Khali Best) overhear a commotion, and on investigating – as the gang run away – they see Liam cowering, bloodied and bruised in an alleyway.

Ava takes Liam to her house to get him cleaned up, and she pleads with him to ditch the gang and just go home. However, Liam realises that if he does what Ava says, the gang will seek revenge…


So, he sneaks out of the house while Ava’s occupied with ringing Bianca, and returns to the flat where Kane and the gang are waiting for him.

That night, as the gang host a party, Liam old school friend Ashleigh manages to get Liam on his own and once again, she implores him to get away from Kane and his mates. However, just as it looks like Liam might make good his escape, the police arrive and everyone, including Liam, is taken away in handcuffs.


As the gang are led out of the house, Bianca, Ava and Dexter stand outside and when Kane sees them, he makes a ‘firing gun’ signal at them with his hand.

On Friday 29th, as the police question Liam, Bianca quietly tells him that the police know about his involvement in Tamwar’s mugging. Liam’s mortified and asks the officers if his mum has to be there. The police officer tells him he has the option of having an appropriate adult instead, leaving Bianca heartbroken.


Meanwhile, Ava picks up a note that’s been put through her door that reads, “R.I.P TEACH.” Dexter says that should leave the area for a while, but Ava’s adamant that she won’t be bullied.

At the station, when Liam fails to tell the police anything, they have to let him go, and on his release, Kane and the rest of the gang approach him. Liam tells Kane that he didn’t tell the police anything but a sinister Kane tells one of the gang to teach Liam a lesson…


Nearby, Bianca hears a commotion before spotting Liam being pushed around. She calls out to him but as she does, one of the gang runs at Liam knocking him to the ground. They all run off as Bianca reaches Liam, realising that he’s been stabbed. Liam’s rushed to hospital, but Bianca’s heartbroken as he tells her it’s is all her fault.


Later, back on the Square, when Ava arrives home, she sees a trail of red drips leading to her door. In a panic, she rushes in and is relieved to see Dexter safe and sound. However, her house has been trashed. Dexter is angry but this time when he states they should leave, Ava knows he’s right.

Finally, at the hospital, Bianca realises there’s nothing more she can do, so she tells Liam that if he wants to be a grown up so badly, he needs to sort this mess out himself.

As we see Liam reaching for his phone, we’ll be left wondering who he’s about to call; Kane or the police?

Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…

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