EastEnders Spoilers! Ben Mitchell is about to reveal that he’s gay!

EastEnder Ben Mitchell is about to reveal that he’s gay, like we didn’t already know!

The bespectacled teenager will be reticent to reveal his sexuality to his dad, knowing what his reaction will most likely be, however, it’s Walford and of course people are rubbish at keeping secrets there. The news will infuriate his dad Phil (Steve McFadden) who is of course proud of his family’s “hard” image, though how the tap dancing, love of musicals and penchant for Heather and her cakes didn’t give it away years ago, we’ll never know!

The Daily Mirror reports that Ben (Joshua Pascoe) comes out of the closet when he returns to the Square later this month, and we’ll see him kissing his new boyfriend Duncan.

An EastEnders insider said, “Since the day Ben returned to Walford, he’s been a bit of a disappointment for Phil.

“With his love of dancing and musicals, Ben was not cast from the same tough guy mould as his father.

“It’s ironic that Phil’s efforts to turn his son into a mini version of himself backfire spectacularly when he encourages Ben to go boxing with Duncan…

“But no one could anticipate the chain of events this will spark around Walford as Ben tries to keep his sexuality secret from his father.

“Poor Ben is terrified of Phil’s reaction but the truth will out, sooner or later.”

The paper adds that in the new storyline, Ben strikes up a relationship with Duncan when they go for sparring sessions at the gym, but their kiss is seen by Patrick Trueman, prompting Ben to panic that his secret’s out…

So he goes into Patrick’s shop and tries to intimidate the pensioner, which he achieves; so much so that Patrick calls the police!

And that doesn’t impress Phil one bit, but despite the fact that a Mitchell – Trueman war is now in full swing, Patrick still doesn’t tell Ben’s secret.

Bless him.


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