Eastenders Spoilers: Ben Mitchell is gay and starts intimidating Patrick Truman?

Eastenders are set for an explosive storyline when Ben Mitchell returns from Spain later on this year, The Mirror reports.

Whilst we all would have questioned Ben’s (Joshua Pascoe) femininity before he went to a youth detention centre, with his love of musicals and dance, it appeared to all that on his return, he had turned into the stereotypical Mitchell of who his dad, Phil (Steve McFadden) could finally be proud. We watched while he waltzed about Albert Square with the same swagger and attitude most common amongst the Walford ‘hard-nut’ clan, but it seem’s the Ben (or Benny Elliott, if you will) we all loved, was merely compressed to hide the truth, that he is actually gay!

Ben is set to arrive back on our screens later this year and after some gentle (not at all bullying) persuasion from his father, takes up the gym and acquires a sparring buddy in a teenager called Duncan.

It isn’t long before the pair start boxing and grow a strong friendship, one which Ben oversteps by leaning in to kiss Duncan, who, instead of pushing him away, responds by kissing him back.

This touching scene is witnessed by Patrick Truman, who then becomes Ben’s project to keep silent, by intimidating the old man.

It all goes too far at one point, and Patrick phones the police. Phil, as subtle as ever, tries to make Patrick apologise for the ‘snitching’ but although he refuses to do so, Patrick, ever the gentleman, does keep Ben’s secret.

With details of how this latest homosexual relationship will be uncovered by the Mitchell’s, it is known that it will be several months after viewers learn of Ben’s new lifestyle choice.

An EastEnders insider told the paper: “Since the day Ben returned to Walford, he’s been a bit of a disappointment for Phil.

“With his love of dancing and musicals, Ben was not cast from the same tough guy mould as his father. It’s ironic that Phil’s efforts to turn his son into a mini version of himself backfire spectacularly when he encourages Ben to go boxing with Duncan.

“But no one could anticipate the chain of events this will spark around Walford as Ben tries to keep his sexuality secret from his father.

“Poor Ben is terrified of Phil’s reaction but the truth will out, sooner or later.”