EastEnders Spoilers: Cake wars breaks out on the Square as Jean Slater and Ian Beale compete to make Sharon’s wedding cake! (VIDEO)


In next week’s episodes of EastEnders, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) will discover that she made a mistake while ordering food items for the Vic, and she ends up lumbered with a lot more flour than she wanted…

Seeing Jean in a flap about it, Shirley (Linda Henry) tries to calm Jean down by suggesting that to recoup the money, she should bake cakes and sell them.

She duly does so, and again with Shirley’s help, the cakes start selling like… well, hot cakes, prompting Shirley to tell Jean that this could turn out to be a lucrative sideline for her…

So later, when Sharon (Letitia Dean) compliments Jean on the cakes, Jean has a brainwave and decides to approach Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) for advice on making wedding cakes, with a view to asking Sharon if she can make hers.

Sure enough, Ian’s very helpful, which leaves Jean more shocked when later, as she puts the proposal to Sharon, she hears from the bride to be that Ian has just offered to make the cake for her!

Realising that Ian got in there before she could, Jean’s fuming, but on seeing Jean’s disappointment, Sharon has an idea…

She then tells Ian and Jean to make mini versions of a wedding cake, which she’ll then try and judge whose is best. The winning chef will get to make her cake.


In the episode that airs on Friday 29th March, both Ian and Jean are determined to win, however, Ian’s plans to spend the afternoon cooking look likely to be scuppered by Denise (Diane Parish) who invites him to lunch. Not wanting to upset his new girlfriend, Ian reluctantly agrees to meet her later and hurries home trying to get the cake finished.

However, he soon realises that he’s out of icing sugar, just at the moment that Jean realises she is too!

Both chefs race to the Minute Mart where just one bag is up for grabs, however, Ian lays a guilt trip on Jean, telling her that after his depression and his breakdown, he really needs to win this. Big hearted Jean hands him the icing sugar, and secretly, Ian gloats, believing he’ll win.

However, when the time comes for Sharon to judge the cakes, Ian’s moral compass has begun pointing in the right direction, and he feels guilty for duping his rival…

So when Sharon announces that Ian’s was best and he can make her wedding cake, he tells a downhearted Jean that he’d like her to help him to make the wedding buffet for Sharon, which leaves Jean thrilled.

Just at that moment, Ian realises he’s late for his date with Denise, and he rushes to the Vic, hoping she’s not too angry…


As a peace offering, he suggests Denise try a piece of cake, and though she takes it from him, she has another plan in mind and we’ll see her bashing the cake into Ian’s face before storming out of the pub.

Has Ian blown it with Denise? Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at the next episode of EastEnders…

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