EastEnders Spoilers: Carol’s told she could have cancer & Dot’s terrified after the burglary! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders carol david

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Tuesday 17th December, Tiff notices a text about a doctor’s appointment on Carol’s phone, forcing Carol to lie about the reason for the visit.

Carol later goes to visit Alice, but she’s surprised to find David there, reassuring Alice that people are there for her.

Later, David tells Carol that he’s making family a priority now, and is trying to make amends. They then go to a hotel restaurant together, and although David tells her he misses their time together, Carol insists they will only ever be friends…

EastEnders david carol

However, getting increasingly tipsy, Carol starts to reciprocate some of David’s advances and suggests they get a room. But when she goes to a hotel room with him, she can’t go through with it and leaves.

A still tipsy Carol goes to her doctor’s appointment, and after being examined, she learns that the doctor wants to refer her to a specialist because there’s a possibility the lump could be cancerous.

eastenders carol

Elsewhere, coming to terms with his discovery about Sam, Dexter goes on a mission to apologise to everyone he’s crossed in the last few weeks. He gets his job back at the Arches, and apologises to Cora, who mentions that Ava gave up the opportunity of a job in Newcastle to make sure she was around for him.

When Ava arrives home, she finds Dexter has packed her bags and contacted the job to tell them Ava has reconsidered. He tells her that it’s time he did something for her. Ava readies herself to leave, and Dexter insists on going with her until she’s settled, but at the last minute, she insists on Dexter stays with his friends.

eastenders dexter ava

Across the road, frightened after the burglary, Dot isolates herself from those that care about her.

Later, Reverend Stevens calls round to see if Dot’s ready for her photo shoot with the church roof fund cheque, leaving Dot even more worried. She attempts to go to the police, but fear gets the better of her and instead, goes to the bank to take out a loan.

However, when the bank realises she may not be able to make the repayments, they talk her into using the last of her savings instead. Dot makes the photocall but then rushes home, locking the door behind her, frightened and alone.

eastenders tina shirley

Also, Lola tells Tina that she and Shirley have the house to themselves on Christmas day as she and Billy are going to Phil’s, however, Shirley makes it clear she intends on locking herself away until it’s over.

When Tina later fails to make some cash so they can celebrate, she contemplates going to their brother, but Shirley’s having none of it.

eastenders kat alfie

And finally, Alfie comes clean to Kat about Janine not wanting them to run the pub.

Here’s a look at the next episode…

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