EastEnders Spoilers: Carol’s worst fears are confirmed – she does have cancer! (VIDEO)

EastEnders bianca, carol, david

bianca, david, carol eastenders

We rejoin the drama in Walford on Monday 13th January to see that Bianca is in a thunderous mood with Carol and David.

After a family row, David checks Carol’s phone and finds she’s missed a hospital appointment to get her test results. Carol’s furious when she realises David has tricked her into going to the hospital with him…

She insists she wants to collect her results alone, but she’s not prepared for the shock when she’s told she does have breast cancer. Carol later lies to David and tells him it was a false alarm, but David is soon suspicious.

That afternoon, while emotionally exhausted, Carol finally opens up to David and tells Bianca the truth about her having cancer. After the revelation that the cancer could have spread, David tries to comfort them both, as the three of them try to come to terms with what lies ahead.

EastEnders bianca, carol, david

Meanwhile, Masood has arrived back from Pakistan – where he was attending his mother’s funeral – and he’s brought Tamwar a surprise back; his sister Shabnam!

EastEnders shabnam EastEnders shabnam masood

Later, Masood engineers a meet between Shabnam and Carol, but it’s clear that Shabnam isn’t happy with the situation.

Elsewhere, Sharon fills Linda in on her complicated relationship history, and after reminiscing, realises that she wants her relationship with Phil to be different this time.

phil, sharon, eastenders

After cooking Phil a nice dinner, she insists they must tell each other everything from now on. But later, when searching for a plate, Sharon comes across Carl’s bloodied mobile phone. Sharon presents Phil with her findings, but how will he explain himself?

Across the Square, Alfie has a new business idea after buying some placebo pills in bulk, but Kat soon proves that she is the more talented saleswoman. Alfie realises he has to secure some regular cash, so Shirley offers him some shady work – but will Alfie be able to resist?

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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