EastEnders Spoilers: Cora Cross is jealous of Patrick Trueman’s new friend while Ava & Sam Hartman still haven’t told Dexter they’re an item! (VIDEO)


In next week’s episodes of EastEnders, love hurts for mum and daughter Cora Cross and Ava Hartman, though for rather different reasons…

Starting with Cora (Ann Mitchell) and her romantic woes, they begin when Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) invites her to go dancing with him in a bid to cheer her up after all the trauma of Tanya and Lauren leaving Walford.

However, a distracted Cora turns him down, and she’s not very pleasant about it either, which earns her a telling off from her granddaughter Abi (Loran Fitzgerald). And having thought about what Abi had to say, Cora changes her mind about going dancing and so dresses to the nines and calls in on Patrick…


But she’s upset when she finds out that Patrick already has a new dancing partner; Betty! We’ll have more on that drama soon.

On now to Ava (Claire Perkins) and her turbulent love life, and her drama begins on Monday July 1 when she and Sam (Cornell S John) decide to meet at her flat. However Ava’s stymied when she arrives home and finds Dexter (Khali Best) there with Abi…

She quickly texts Sam to let him know their rendezvous is off, but later, once the coast is clear, Ava tells Sam to come over.

Meanwhile, Cora decides to head to Ava’s flat after having previously turned down an invite to call round, but when she arrives, there’s no answer when she knocks on the door…

However, when she hears voices inside, she looks through the window and is horrified to see Ava cavorting with Sam!

On Tuesday, Ava’s gob-smacked when she realises that her mum knows about her and Sam, and when she tracks Cora down, and gets some unwelcome advice, she tells her mother she gave up the right to tell her what to do a long time ago.

But Cora points out that it won’t be long until Dexter finds out, so she advises her daughter to either end it with Sam, or tell Dexter the truth.


On Thursday, as Ava’s ignoring Sam’s calls, he tracks her down in the Vic where she tells him that she can’t be with him anymore while trying to convince herself and Sam that it’s for the best.

However, unable to help herself, Ava later heads to the B&B to tell Sam she’s changed her mind, and they quickly head upstairs to his room.

On Friday, Ava’s left feeling guilty when she’s forced to lie to Dexter about her whereabouts the night before, and Cora’s annoyed when she realises that Ava still hasn’t told Dexter the truth. Ava then admits to Cora that she can’t bring herself to break up with Sam, so Cora gives her daughter until lunchtime to tell Dexter, saying that otherwise, she will.

So later, when Dexter visits his gran and wants to know what’s going on between her and his mum, will Cora make good her threat, or will Dexter find out on his own?


Find out soon! For now, here’s a look at the next episode of ‘Enders…

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