EastEnders Spoilers: Could there be romance blossoming between Ava Hartman and Billy Mitchell?

by Anna Howell

EastEnders actress, Clare Perkins, has admitted that she feels her character in the hit BBC soap, Ava Hartman, may end up breaking the heart of regular Albert Square resident Billy Mitchell when she finds him making advances to her in an upcoming storyline.

Clare Perkins joined the cast of EastEnders earlier this year as the half-sister of Tanya Branning (Jo Joyner) and the long-lost daughter of Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell), after is it was revealed that Cora had had her adopted as a new-born baby.

Since re-entering their lives Ava, along with her son Dexter (Khali Best), has taken baby steps to engage her new-found family in her life.

Keeping herself much to herself throughout her time in Walford so far, Ava finds herself making a new friend in Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick in episodes to be shown next week, when she discovers a scratch on her car.

Billy Mitchell instantly uses the opportunity to impress the newcomer by fixing it for her, however as Perkins explained to Inside Soap magazine she thinks the relationship may be doomed from the start:

“Ava has been by herself a long while, and I think she can’t be bothered with relationships. But as the years go on and her son Dexter is growing up, she’s thinking, ‘Oh! I haven’t got anybody’. So when she realises that Billy fancies her, she thinks, ‘Why not? Let’s just see what happens!'”

She continued: “It’ll never work! Billy’s really sweet and loveable, but he’s kind of a loser! Ava’s a teacher, so in terms of who he is and who she is, it just wouldn’t gel.”

The actress who then went on to confirm the her character Ava, and her son Dexter, will be moving into the main action of Albert Square soon when they take a new flat close to their estranged family, on which Perkins commented:

“Khali Best, who plays Dexter, and I were in our flat this week and we were really excited! I love Ava’s kitchen – there are things in there that I really want for myself. In fact, I keep thinking it’s a lot nicer than my place!”

With regards to the strained relationship between Ava and her mother Cora, Perkins admitted that, despite Ava wanting to like Cora, she doesn’t think the bridges will be that easy to rebuild:

“Ava and Cora are two completely different people, and trying to build a relationship now is difficult. I can see it getting easier. But I don’t think Ava likes Cora very much, even though she wants to.”

Watch interview with Clare Perkins, who plays Ava, in the clip below: