EastEnders Spoilers: David blackmails Janine over her murder confession! And Carol’s terrified she’s going to die! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders david janine
When we rejoin the drama in Walford on Monday 23rd December, it’s as David reassures Janine that he won’t tell anyone that she killed Michael.

Placated, Janine visits Phil to finalise buying The Vic, but he delights in revealing that he’s had a better offer before telling Janine she needs to find more money if she wants to get her hands on The Vic.

With the help of David, Janine frantically sells everything she can and eventually reaches her target, so Phil agrees that The Vic’s all hers, but just as Janine cracks open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with David, he thanks her for collecting the money for him…

A stunned Janine listens as David plays back her confession on his mobile phone. He blackmails her – the £250k is his, or it’s all over.

EastEnders david janine

Elsewhere, Patrick’s confused when Ian asks for his permission to make a romantic gesture to Denise. Thinking Ian’s about to propose to Denise, Patrick gives her a heads up. Denise is sure Patrick’s got the wrong end of the stick, so he suggests they look for the ring…

Patrick and Denise then rifle through Ian’s Christmas presents, only to be caught by Ian who denies that he’s going to propose. We later see Ian with a hidden engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Peter and Lola are determined to make their relationship work, and knowing that Ian and Phil are their biggest obstacles, they decide to organise a Christmas Day for the Mitchells and the Beales.

EastEnders peter lola

However, Phil and Ian think the idea is outrageous and refuse to spend the day together. In a last ditch attempt, Lola blackmails Phil and insists that if he doesn’t agree to the dinner, he won’t get to see Lexi. Phil reluctantly acquiesces, but is firm with Lola – never blackmail him again.

eastenders bianca, terry

Elsewhere, the Butcher-Spraggan household is thrown into chaos when Nikki arrives with a pile of presents for TJ and Rosie. Bianca confronts Nikki for trying to worm her way back with Terry, but when Bianca berates Nikki for sometimes not seeing her kids for months, Nikki retaliates by revealing that Terry begged her not to leave him…

After the kids send their letters and Christmas wish lists to Santa, TJ is upset that his mum will be spending Christmas Day alone, so he and Rosie decide they should spend it with her.

Meanwhile, Carol receives a hospital letter informing her she has an Oncology appointment for Christmas Eve. Morgan seeks out David and explains that he thinks there’s something wrong with Carol, and later, Carol pens her own Christmas wish – she doesn’t want to die…

EastEnders kat alfie patrick

Across the Square, worried about providing a roof over his family’s head, Alfie throws himself into flat hunting. Kat suggests that they move into No 23 with Mo, but Alfie’s pride gets in the way. However, Kat enlists the help of Mo, who agrees that he and Kat can stay at No 23 for as long as they need.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead this Christmas…

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