EastEnders Spoilers: David manipulates Janine, and Carol tries to put cancer fears aside for Christmas! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders david janine

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Thursday 19th December, David wakes up on the car lot floor again, but later, determined to wheedle his way back into Janine’s life, he buys a distracted and lonely Janine a Christmas tree…

As they decorate it, they reminisce over their time as kids at Christmas, and as Janine hangs a pair of Pat’s earrings on the Christmas tree, David attempts to play on her emotions by talking about Michael. But when she closes up, David worries he may have pushed her too far.

Realising he has upset her, David apologies and reassures Janine she is not alone. When Janine makes it clear she wants him to stay, David realises he has her right where he needs her.

eastenders janine, david

Elsewhere, Tina plans a surprise trip for her and Shirley, however, Shirley isn’t impressed when Tina takes her to their brother’s pub…

Although Mick isn’t there, his wife Linda is and she isn’t pleased to see Shirley. When Linda realises they’ve come to see Mick, she secretly contacts him and tells him to stay out.

eastenders tina shirley

With the conversation uneasy, Tina tries to keep the peace, but when she suggests they all spend Christmas together, Linda’s against the idea. As they argue, Linda reveals that Shirley was responsible for an accident that burnt Linda and Mick’s pub down 15 years ago, and Shirley and Mick haven’t spoken since…

Finally, Shirley’s had enough of Linda’s insults and leaves, however, when they get back to Walford, Tina reveals she’s stolen the takings from the raffle.

EastEnders tina shirley

Elsewhere, confused over Carol’s behaviour, David goes to find her. However, Carol makes it clear she’s with Masood, and David should make alternate plans for Christmas.

When alone, Carol contemplates her situation and decides to make the most of this Christmas, leading her to go into a frenzy of festive preparation. She also reminisces with Masood about her mum and invites him over for Christmas…

eastenders carol jackson

There’s an awkward moment for Carol as Mas asks how her mother died, and Carol has to tell him that she died of cancer.

EastEnders peter lola

Across the Square, Lola worries Peter no longer has feelings for her, given she hasn’t heard from him whilst he has been away. However, he allays her fears and reassures Lola that he really missed her. They make up for their time apart by heading upstairs at the Beales’…

EastEnders kat alfie

Meanwhile, Alfie and Kat decided to make the most of their time left as landlord and landlady of The Vic.

Here’s a look at the next episode…

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