EastEnders Spoilers: Devastated Poppy leaves Walford for good & drunk Masood picks a fight with David! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
EastEnders poppy fatboy

EastEnders poppy fatboy

In the episode of EastEnders that airs on Thursday 30th January, Poppy’s annoyed when Fatboy tells her it’s not her place to meddle with Nick and Dot’s relationship.

Later in the Minute Mart, Fatboy confesses to Denise that he and Poppy are having problems and as they discuss their kiss, Poppy walks in…

At home, Fatboy admits that it was Denise that he kissed, so an angry, Poppy goes to confront Denise, but it doesn’t go as planned.

However, as Poppy talks to Fatboy about fixing things, she’s heartbroken to hear that their relationship is over, and she decides to leave Walford. But before she does, Poppy gets her revenge.

EastEnders poppy fatboy

Elsewhere, Mick finds himself torn between his wife and sister once again, and so he tries to talk Shirley round, but to no avail. Later, Linda makes Mick realise that she and the kids come first, but who will Mick choose?

EastEnders mick shirley

Meanwhile, Tina makes a mysterious phone call and Nancy tries to sneak home, but when Linda catches her covered in mud, she comes clean about Lady Di and Tramp.

Across the Square, Masood cuts his hand and Carol insists on cleaning him up, but Masood misinterprets Carol’s concern for affection and goes to kiss her. A distressed Masood soon tells Carol what’s been going on, leaving Carol concerned.

EastEnders carol masood

Meanwhile, David’s jealous when he sees Masood leaving the house.

The final visit of the week to Albert Square is on Friday 31st January, and after a hospital appointment, Carol tells Sonia and Bianca separately about some upcoming tests.

EastEnders david nikki EastEnders

At the karaoke party in The Vic, Nikki flirts with David, and outside, just as she makes a move on him, Carol, Bianca and Whitney appear, forcing the pair to hide, but will they be caught?

Meanwhile, the Carter family is thrown when Aunt Babe turns up. All that is apart from Tina, who was the one who called her…

EastEnders aunt babe EastEnders

Aunt Babe can tell seeing Stan has affected Shirley, so she gives her some advice, and later, as Mick and Tina reminisce about their mother, Shirley joins in

Across the Square, Tamwar asks Masood to step in as market sweeper and is proud of his father when he accepts…

EastEnders masood carol david

Later, Carol’s shocked when she sees Masood drunk in The Vic, and more so when a wound up Masood goes to hit David, but Mick steps in and throws him out.

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