EastEnders Spoilers: Dexter Harman’s dad Sam arrives in Walford, but there’s no happy family reunion! (VIDEO)


Coming up next week on EastEnders, Ava Hartman (Claire Perkins) is in for a shock when she opens her front door to a blast from the past in the form of her ex, and her son Dexter’s father, Sam!

The drama begins as Ava is getting ready for her date with Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) of which Dexter (Khali Best) is disapproving as he believes his mum can do better than Billy…

However, Ava’s adamant that she is going out with Billy, and she adds to Dexter that he doesn’t get to choose who she sees or doesn’t see.

But then – as mentioned above – in the episode that airs on Thursday, May 16, when Ava opens the door, expecting Billy to be there to collect her for their date, instead she sees Sam, who disappeared from her and Dexter’s lives 20 years ago when he walked out on them.


Sam quickly explains that his own father has recently died, and that it made him realise that he wants to have a relationship with his son. But an angry Ava tells him it’s a bit late in the day for that and she promptly tries to usher him out.


However, Dexter then walks in and is intrigued, wanting to know who the man is. Ava tries to be casual as she says he’s just someone from the past, but Sam introduces himself as Jacob, and begins regaling Dexter with stories about his and Ava’s teenaged years.

But an agitated Ava makes it clear she wants ‘Jacob’ to go, which he does, but seeing the chance to line his mother up with someone other than Billy Mitchell, Dexter later finds that Jacob stayed the night at the B&B, so he tries to arrange for him to the in The Vic at the same time that Ava will be.


However, in the episode that airs on Friday, May 17, it’s clear to Dexter that there’s something he doesn’t know as the atmosphere in the pub between his mum and Jacob is nothing short of hostile…

But when Ava calls ‘Jacob’ Sam, Dexter immediately realises what’s going on and that ‘Jacob’ is in fact his father.

How will Dexter react now his dad’s on the scene? Will he want to get to know him? Or will he want him out of his life, just as he has been so far?

Find out next week!

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