EastEnders Spoilers: Dexter learns the truth about his dad & Joey attacks Janine! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders david wicks

The drama in Walford continues on Monday 16th December, and having been thrown out by Carol and with nowhere to go, David sleeps in the car lot. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to work out what’s wrong with Carol, but she won’t let on.

Later, David comes back to try and make amends, but Carol’s having none of it. Carol then makes several attempts to make an appointment with the doctors, but she’s continually disturbed, until Morgan makes her realise what’s important in her life.

Meanwhile, Alfie appeals to Janine over the purchase of The Vic, and tries to talk her round with the idea of making the pub a family business, but Janine makes it clear that she’s intending to run it herself.

Later, in the Vic, a downbeat Joey attacks Janine about knowing what really happened the night Michael died. David intervenes, dragging him outside and lays into him about how much he’s acting like Derek…

Joey retaliates by telling David that Michael tried to kill Janine with sleeping pills. On hearing this, David goes after Janine, and when he brings up the subject of the sleeping pills, he notices Janine’s over reaction and realises Joey is telling the truth. David smiles to himself, naughty Janine…

Elsewhere, having reached the total for her roof fund, Dot carefully counts the money, only to be interrupted by the lights going out.

Dot gets onto the electricity board about the Jacksons’ Christmas lights, and later receives a visit from someone claiming to be them. However, the man who shows up secretly sneaks in an accomplice, and whilst Dot is being distracted, the accomplice steals the church roof fund, leaving Dot horrified.

EastEnders dexter ava

Across the road, Dexter continues his self-destructive behaviour, and when Cora pulls him up on it, she threatens to throw him out. However, Dexter calls her bluff and decides to leave anyway.

Ava’s worried when she sees Dexter leaving, prompting Cora to explode and insist Ava tell Dexter where Sam is. Still refusing, Dexter grabs Ava’s handbag and finds a letter with Sam’s address. With a little pushing from Lola, Dexter goes to find him. However, Dexter soon learns that Sam only tracked him down in hope of a kidney. Sam insists that in the time he spent with Dexter, he gained a son, but Dexter’s livid and he punches his father before storming off, back to his mum.

Back on the Square, it’s Sadie and Jake’s wedding anniversary, and Sadie decides to take Jake out for a meal.

eastenders sadie jake

Realising they have no baby sitter, Sadie puts Lauren on the spot and asks her to do it. However, when Lauren’s looking after Bella, surrounded by Jake and Sadie’s possessions, it gets too much for her and she rings Sadie to tell her she’s mistakenly made other plans and can no longer look after Bella, leaving Sadie annoyed.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead in the next episode…

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