EastEnders Spoilers: Drunk Roxy makes a play for Carl & Jake and Lauren give in to their lust again! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders ronnie roxy

When we return to Albert Square on Tuesday 10th December, we see that Roxy has received the annulment paperwork but she’s delaying completing it.

She later visits Alfie at The Vic and explains that she’s ashamed and embarrassed by having to admit what happened between them. Kat, seemingly sympathetic, offers her the money to pay for the application, but Roxy resents her for being nice.

Roxy stays in The Vic, getting progressively more drunk and reciprocates advances made by Carl, even after being warned off by Phil and Ronnie.

EastEnders alfie roxy

Later, Ronnie and Roxy comfort each other over their failed relationships, and Roxy finally signs the annulment papers. However, that evening, Roxy waits outside Carl’s and when he arrives, she pounces on him!

EastEnders roxy carl EastEnders

Elsewhere, Dexter realises that Cora knows more about Sam’s whereabouts than she’s letting on, but Cora stays quiet and encourages Dexter to speak to Ava. Dexter however has other ideas, and goes on a hunt to find out if anyone’s had contact with his dad.

Later, after realising Ava knows where Sam is, Dexter confronts her, but she refuses to tell him. When Dexter’s left, Ava tells Cora she didn’t get the job she interviewed for, but has been offered an opportunity in Newcastle. Will Ava take it?

Meanwhile, Cindy’s busy telling TJ all about the background of the Butcher family, which causes TJ to feel uncomfortable around Whitney. When Whitney confronts him, the atmosphere is noticed by the whole household, and as Bianca and Terry question him, TJ blurts out what Cindy told him about all of their pasts.

EastEnders bianca's family

Terry reveals he was aware of the family’s past, and still thinks they are amazing, prompting TJ to run off. Terry later tries to comfort TJ, and eventually thinks the situation has been resolved. However TJ calls Nikki and tells her everything…

Across the Square, Jake tells Lauren that she needs to hand in her notice at Beauty, and adds that what’s happening between them has to end. However, Lauren appears to be enjoying the risky nature of it all, which makes Jake uneasy…

Later, while Sadie’s off working on the idea of a Christmas street party, Jake and Lauren meet up, and despite their earlier conversation, they can’t resist each other and end up passionately kissing.

EastEnders jake lauren

And finally, Masood talks to Kamil via a video call and discovers he’s got a new friend called Haroon, however, both Masood and Tamwar are shocked to learn that Haroon is Zainab’s new fiancé!

Here’s a look at the next visit to Walford…

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