EastEnders Spoilers: A drunken Masood’s mugged, but what has he done?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
EastEnders masood

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We return to Walford on Monday 3rd February as Carol’s left in stunned silence after David’s marriage proposal over the karaoke mic in The Vic, but of course, the big question is, what will her answer be?

Well, that remains to be seen, but after overhearing the conversation that Carol then has with David, Liam promises his gran that he won’t tell Tiffany and Morgan about her cancer. However, after finding out that they’ve overheard, he implores them to keep quiet about what they know.

Meanwhile, a drunk Masood steals money from Tamwar’s workplace, but as he stumbles along the street, he’s mugged and in the scuffle he hits his head on the floor…

EastEnders masood

Dexter and Nancy find him confused and in a state, and so they take him home to Tam. Before leaving, Nancy offers Tamwar some advice, which leaves him thoughtful…

As Tamwar tends to his dad, Masood chooses not to come clean about what really happened, but later, when Aleks arrives with the news that the office has been burgled, he blames Tamwar, and still Masood says nothing.

tamwar, masood eastenders

Later though, Masood slips up and Tamwar realises what really happened, so he confronts his dad, but Mas loses his cool and violently lashes out.

In the meantime, Dexter tries it on with Nancy and he’s pleasantly surprised when she flirts back, but in the pub’s cellar, they’re interrupted when they hear Masood cry out in pain. Later, Dexter’s left frustrated when Nancy refuses to pick up from where they left off, but she at least leaves him with hope!

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In the meantime, on seeing how affected she is by the news of Carol’s cancer, Linda takes Shirley aside, and she admits to having had a cancer scare herself in the past. A sympathetic Linda reassures Shirley that her family will always be there for her, which prompts Shirley to make a phone call…

Elsewhere, Terry comforts Bianca and takes her side when Nikki oversteps the mark, and on seeing how drunk she is, Terry escorts Nikki home. Once there, Nikki makes a move but Terry doesn’t want to know, leaving Nikki upset and humiliated.

Finally, Linda’s spirits are buoyed when Bianca tells her about Johnny and Whitney’s pregnancy scare, but of course, neither woman realises the scare was fake!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up on EastEnders…

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