EastEnders Spoilers: Has Jack Branning blown it with Sharon Rickman? And if so, will she rush into Phil Mitchell’s arms? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly


As we reported earlier, when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) believes he’s killed Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) he goes into panic mode and initially plans to flee Walford…

However, though it will transpire that he didn’t kill Phil, he will be at his love rival’s mercy because of course, if Phil tells the police the truth about what happened, Jack could well go to prison, and for an ex police officer, that isn’t a happy prospect!

But in the episode that airs on Tuesday 26th February, Jack still believes that he’s killed Phil, and in a desperate state, he gets drunk in the Vic, and after having had several too many, he declares that he’s just like his brother Derek and adds that he’s going to end up in prison…

As a frantic Max (Jake Wood) tries to usher Jack out of the pub before he says something truly incriminating, Jack begins yelling at Sharon (Letitia Dean) telling her that she pushed him too far by letting Phil interfere in their lives.

A bemused Sharon can only stand and listen as Jack tells her he doesn’t want her and adds that she can go to Phil if that’s what she wants.

Humiliated, Sharon rushes out but just at the moment, Phil staggers in and the police are called when he reveals that Jack attacked him.


Sharon goes with Phil to the hospital, and in the episode that airs on Thursday 28th February, once she’s seen that Phil’s going to be ok – and having learned that Jack’s on police bail – Sharon goes back to Jack’s. However, when she tells Jack that she’s going to be staying at Phil’s to help with Lexi, Jack pleads with her not to go.

Sharon doesn’t want to hear it, but as she moves towards the bedroom to pack, Jack grabs her arm hard to stop her. Shaken, Sharon reiterates that she’s going to Phil’s and warns Jack to leave her alone.

Has Jack finally blown it with Sharon? And if so, will she find comfort in Phil’s arms? Find out next week!

For now, here’s a sneak peek look at the next episode of ‘Enders…


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