EastEnders Spoilers: Horrid Lorraine Salter’s back to make Mandy’s life a misery!

Lorraine Salter should be followed around by a group of school kids shouting ‘She’s behind you!’ while booing, such a pantomime-esque villain is she…

And the bad news for her daughter Mandy (Nicola Stapleton) is that Lorraine’s headed back to Walford just to see how much more misery she can inflict on her poor long suffering offspring.

However, this time, karma is perhaps biting Lorraine (Victoria Alcock) on the jacksie because no sooner is the drunken mum back on the Square than she collapses and has to be rushed to hospital.

A worried Mandy races to her mum’s side, but instead of being greeted with gratitude by her mother, Lorraine unhinges her jaw and unleashes a vicious tirade at Mandy, telling her she’s never loved her, never wanted her and that she’s only ever been a burden…

No prizes for guessing who won’t be winning Mum of the Year this year then.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a show insider said, “Lorraine collapses in the Square and understandably Mandy is totally beside herself with worry.

“The last time she saw Lorraine she told her to get lost and said that she wanted nothing more to do with Mandy.

“She is still her mum and the only family Mandy’s got. But even she could never have predicted the cruelty she suffers when she goes to visit her mum in hospital.

“The scenes are going to leave the viewers feeling incredibly sorry for poor Mandy.

“It’s all set to get very emotional. Lorraine is a really nasty piece of work and has always treated Mandy appallingly.

“So to hear her say she has never actually loved Mandy explains a lot. As you can imagine, Mandy is devastated by how her mum behaves towards her.

“She has always felt that she had a duty to her mum but after this she could quite easily sever all ties with her.

“Whether she does cut her out of her life remains to be seen, especially with Lorraine’s health at an all-time low.”

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