EastEnders Spoilers: Ian Beale tricks Lucy into signing all of the family’s businesses back to him!


Fans of EastEnders will of course know that before Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) had a breakdown last year, he was one of the most ruthless businessmen in Walford…

However, after his breakdown, he was a different man; cowed, timid and fearful of pretty much everything, and initially, Ian was happy to sign over all the Beale family’s businesses to his daughter Lucy (Hetti Bywater) but that’s all changed!

As we’ll see next week, the Sell His Own Granny For A Tenner Ian Beale is back with a vengeance, and he’s set to trick Lucy into signing over all the businesses to him.

The drama begins on Monday, July 15 when Lucy’s left distraught after Joey Branning (David Witts) tells her that their romance is completely over, and even flaunts a new girlfriend in front of her…


Seeing how upset his daughter is, Ian tells her to go home, promising that he’ll take care of things at the café. But later, after Ian receives a mystery delivery, he goes home and asks Lucy to sign the paperwork for the renewal of the building’s insurance…


Distracted by what Joey said to her earlier, Lucy signs the document without reading it, and soon afterwards, we see Ian at his solicitor’s office, finalizing the return of all the businesses to his name.


Then, on Tuesday, when Lucy calls the bank to move some money around, she’s told that she’s no longer a signatory on any of the accounts, and puzzled, she goes to see her dad…

In front of Peter (Ben Hardy) and his girlfriend Denise (Diane Parish) Ian’s forced to admit what he’s done, justifying his actions by saying he just took back what was rightfully his.

His behaviour horrifies Peter and Denise, so in the episode that airs on Thursday, when Peter doesn’t turn up for work at Scarlett’s, Ian calls on Denise to ask for her help, but she slams the door in his face…

But later, after Ian has a run-in with his nemesis Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) Denise witnesses the row and drags Ian away. He then explains why he tricked Lucy, revealing in the process that Carl White (Daniel Coonan) is blackmailing him.

Ian warns Denise not get involved, but when Carl later comes into the Minute Mart, Denise takes matters into her own hands and asks him to be more lenient with Ian. However, Carl tells her he isn’t backing down until he gets his money. The seriousness of the situation hits home for Denise when she later discovers that the burn on Ian’s hand was caused by Carl…


Then, on Friday, it’s Bobby’s birthday, and Ian hopes that he can use the occasion to heal the rift with Lucy. However, though everybody smiles and gets along for Bobby’s sake, in a private moment, Lucy tells Ian that she’ll be civil, given they live under the same roof, but adds that she doesn’t consider him family anymore and wants nothing more to do with him.


Can Ian ever win his daughter round? And what will he do when Carl announces that he’s now applying hefty interest to the money Ian owes him?

Find out next week!

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