EastEnders Spoilers! Ian Beale will try to kiss Denise Fox!

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) is the dictionary definition of a Desperado, but he sinks to new lows when he tries to steal a kiss from the foxy Denise Fox (Diana Parish) who, let’s face it, wouldn’t touch him with somebody else’s!

The Daily Star say that the kiss comes about when Ian suspects Denise is flirting with him after she hosts a birthday party for little Bobby.

The paper adds, “The party is a huge success and Ian is over the moon with Denise’s efforts – as is his son Bobby – so he leans in for a kiss.

“Denise is disgusted with his move and completely freaks out.”

An EastEnders insider said, “Tanya starts to suspect that Ian has a bit of a thing for Denise.

“He’s been on his own since Jane left him and is struggling to hold things together with Bobby to look after.

“Tanya has a bit of a laugh at Denise’s expense and can’t resist winding her up about it.

“But when Ian’s fuse box blows at his house just hours before he’s due to hold Bobby’s party, Denise steps in and saves the day.

“Ian is so grateful and Bobby has a great day. Sadly, when he tries to show his gratitude by kissing her, she freaks out.

“She’s not had much luck with men and Ian Beale coming on to her is the last thing she needed.

“She’s still getting over everything that happened with her ex-husband Lucas, as well as her failed relationship with Yusef Khan.

“It’s going to take some doing for her to move on.

“But when she does it won’t be with Ian.”

We’ll get to see Ian try it on with Denise a week on Friday.


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