EastEnders Spoilers: Is it all over between Kim Fox and Ray Dixon when he confesses he kissed Denise? And will Kim ever forgive her sister?! (VIDEO)

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Fans of EastEnders will know that in an episode last week, Ray Dixon (Chucky Venn) shared a passionate kiss with Denise Fox (Diane Parish) after she’d become upset about the fact that her life seems to be going nowhere and that she remains single.

At the time, Denise reciprocated the kiss, even though Ray is of course her sister Kim’s boyfriend, however, in the cold light of the following day, she told Ray that it meant nothing and must never happen again.

However, in Monday’s trip to Walford, we’re set to see Kim (Tameka Empson) telling Denise that she had thought Ray was going to propose to her, and adds that she’s gutted that he hasn’t.

Guilty Denise urges Kim to simply talk to Ray, while at the same time assuring her that Ray’s lucky to have her…

So, following her sister’s advice, Kim does talk to Ray, but in the course of a somewhat cryptic conversation, Ray misunderstands and assumes Kim knows about his kiss with her sister.

He of course begins apologizing profusely, but not unreasonably, Kim’s furious, and after telling him he’s dumped, she storms into The Vic and slaps Denise round the face, telling her that as far as she’s concerned, she’s no longer her sister and adds that she’s not welcome at the B&B.

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So, embarrassed and humiliated, Denise has to find somewhere to stay while she tries to sort things out with Kim, and luckily for her – or unluckily, depending upon your point of view – Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) offers Denise his spare room as a temporary measure.

Is there any way back from this for Denise and Kim? Or of course for Kim and Ray?

Well, that remains to be seen, but for now, here’s a sneak peek look at Monday night’s episode…

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