EastEnders Spoilers: Is it the end of the road for Max and Tanya Branning when Kirsty reveals that she and Max have kissed?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

kirsty and tanya branning, eastenders

As fans of EastEnders will know, there’s a cuckoo in Tanya Branning’s nest in the form of Max’s wife, Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) who of course turned up on Christmas Day, just as Max (Jake Wood) and Tanya were about to wed for a second time…

However, while of course Tanya (Jo Joyner) is understandably livid that Max didn’t mention he’d got married last summer while he was absent from the Square, the fact that he was about to commit bigamy seems to have gone largely unmentioned.

But nonetheless, Kirsty is proving harder to get rid of than a Tory government, and she’s about to establish her claim to Max via the bitchy medium of telling Tanya that she and her husband snogged right before the Branning clan buried deceased brother Derek.

Kirsty will make the shocking revelation when Tanya storms round to the B&B with divorce papers for Kirsty to sign, but of course, her feeble attempt at giving her love rival her marching orders is an epic fail as Kirsty revels in revealing the details of that kiss…

So when Max turns up, understandably, Tanya is in no mood to hear his pleas and explanations, but as he tries to follow Tanya, Kirsty stops him and tries to lure him into her bed.

So is all over for Max and Tanya now? Well, we’ll apparently have to wait and see, but as Jo Joyner is taking a few months off from the show, I would imagine this battle has been won by Kirsty!

A show insider spoke to the Daily Star about the storyline, saying, “Tanya’s life was turned upside down on Christmas Day when Kirsty arrived in Albert Square.

“She has tried everything she can to get rid of her but Kirsty is adamant she is staying put.

“In the end Tanya goes over to see her with the divorce petition in a bid to get rid of her once and for all…

kirsty and max branning, eastenders

“But, sadly for Tanya, she finds out about Max’s kiss with Kirsty before Derek’s funeral.

“Kirsty manipulates the situation to her advantage and with them being alone she goes in for the kill.

“Max is always going to be tempted by her but whether he will choose her over Tanya remains to be seen.”

We’ll see that drama a week today, but for now, here’s a sneak peek look at tonight’s episode, when Zainab jumps to the wrong conclusion about who Ayesha has a crush on…


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