EastEnders Spoilers: It’s all over for Zainab and Masood! Don’t miss Zainab’s farewell on Friday! (VIDEO)

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As we reported recently, actress Nina Wadia announced her decision to quit EastEnders and her role as Zainab Masood last month…

At the time, nobody was entirely sure how Zainab would be written out, and of course, there are only really two options for soap characters when departing, and they are in a taxi or in a coffin!

Fortunately, the former applies to Zainab, leaving us with hope that Nina may one day reprise the role, but alas – for now at any rate – she’ll make her last appearance on Friday.

And we’ll see in tonight’s episode that Zainab and Masood’s relationship is unraveling at lightning speed…

The drama begins innocently enough as the couple join forces to have a spring clean, but what begins as lighthearted banter soon turns to very real and very hurtful remarks that highlight the fundamental rift between the pair.

Masood remarks on Zainab’s controlling ways and her constant sniping and criticism of him while she bites back that she can’t compete with someone “young and beautiful like Ayesha.”

zainab, eastenders

Zainab is of course now aware that Ayesha is in love with Masood, and understandably, she can’t dismiss as coincidence the fact that Mas no longer wants to marry her. But of course, we viewers know there’s been no impropriety between Masood and Ayesha, but will that last?

Well, we’re sworn to secrecy, but we can tell you that Masood is soon to be given an option that could change his life forever…

For now, here’s a look at tomorrow night’s episode…

Will you be sorry to see Zainab go? And how would you feel if Masood and Ayesha become a couple?

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