EastEnders Spoilers: Jake can’t resist his lust for Lauren! And Roxy embarrasses herself in front of Kat and Alfie! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

EastEnders jake lauren

In the second visit of the night to Walford on Monday 2nd December, when Jake tells Lauren that he’s seeing a different counselor, Lauren’s left feeling hurt and questioning his feelings towards her, but he rapidly changes the subject.

Lauren later tries to take her mind off Jake and goes to help her dad at the car lot, but once there, she notices Jake’s taxi. Not able to concentrate, Lauren visits Jake at Scarlett’s and stays to help as he struggles on his first day in the kitchen…

However, Jake moves away as Lauren leans in for a kiss, and Lauren hastily leaves when Sadie arrives. But soon after, Jake catches up with Lauren and, realising she’s the only person who really understands him, Jake changes his mind and passionately kisses a surprised Lauren.

Elsewhere, as Nikki lavishes her kids with presents which puts Bianca’s nose is put out of joint, but she reluctantly agrees to invite her round for lunch…

eastenders david, nikki, bianca

However, as he has to work, Terry misses the lunch so Bianca gets David to stay instead, making it clear that she doesn’t want Nikki around. But after a frosty start, the two clear the air, and when Terry comes home, he’s surprised to see Bianca and Nikki getting along, though he seems unsure about their new found friendship.

But it seems he was right to be cautious because as Nikki leaves, she tells Bianca about Terry’s history with women, leaving Bianca wary.

Meanwhile, Lola asks Poppy to keep her relationship with Peter quiet as she doesn’t want Phil to find out. Later, Ian sees Peter chatting to Lola and tells him to stop wasting time talking to her when he’s meant to be working, which annoys him.

eastenders ronnie, roxy, kat, alfie

Across the Square, Roxy walks into The Vic with Ronnie just in time to see Kat and Alfie kissing. Wanting to save face, she decides to have a drink with Carl as Alfie shares jokes with the punters.

Roxy soon gets drunk and causes a scene by playing music on the jukebox and dancing on a table, all encouraged by Carl. Alfie tries to help Roxy as she loses balance and falls, but she shouts at him to stay away before Phil takes her home.

Also, Dot loses enthusiasm for raising funds for the church roof, but Poppy and Fatboy vow to help. However, Fatboy’s attempts to bake minces pies fails miserably…

Unknown to Ian, Peter gives Fatboy his dad’s stock of mince pies to sell, and after sampling one, an unsuspecting Ian buys them all. To Dot’s surprise, Fatboy later presents her with the £100 that she needs.

And finally, Dexter’s still angry with Ava for making Sam leave, so he asks Cora if he can move in with her, leaving Ava upset. Ava tells Cora that she’s made matters worse, and remains defensive when Cora asks her why Sam left.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up in the next episode…

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