EastEnders Spoilers: Jake Wood talks Max Branning’s Christmas plotlines! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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As fans of EastEnders are sure to know, Max Branning’s big secret is set to be revealed during the show’s Christmas Day episode…

And in today’s TV Biz, Jake Wood, who of course plays Max, has been talking about having to keep mum about what the big secret is, as well as how it will impact the Branning family, who are of course set to lose one of their number, Derek (Jamie Foreman), on Christmas Day.

Jake began by explaining that he’s known what Max’s secret is for over a year, and he wasn’t even allowed to tell his wife what it is!

He said, “I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t reveal Max’s secret to anyone. We’ll all sit down together and watch it on Christmas Day.

“I’ve known about this storyline for a year…

“It has been tough keeping it a secret but it’s part of the job. The show’s producers explained to me what the storyline was going to be and I’m buzzing about it.

“They got it spot-on for Max. It’s just a great storyline.”

And of course, Max is set to re-marry his beloved Tanya over Christmas, and when asked if Max and Tanya’s wedding can rival Corrie’s Leanne and Nick nuptials – Leanne and Nick are played by Jane Danson and Ben Price – Jake said, “I think our wedding will be better than Leanne and Nick on Corrie.

“I’ll have one eye on the ratings battle. It’d be fab to be number one again.”

But back to that big secret, and of course, Jake wasn’t about to reveal it at this late stage, but he added, “It’ll have a huge impact on the whole Branning family.

“Whether or not they can come together to weather the storm remains to be seen…

max and tanya branning, christmas 2012

“But it’s going to be a huge moment.”

Of course, as of right now, only Derek knows what Max is hiding, and he’s of course using the knowledge to his own advantage. But it will be Derek who spills the beans in the end.

Jake said, “This is the biggest storyline I’ve ever had. And these are definitely some of the best episodes I’ve been involved in.

“Everyone is in for a treat when they’re broadcast.”

He added, “I have great affection for Max. He has been a well-defined character from the beginning.

“He feels real. He’s a flawed character, which makes him interesting to play. You’re never sure what he’ll do next.
“Max’s driving force was always to be a better dad to his kids than his dad was to him.

“We’ve seen him try and fail, but I hope he finds happiness.”

Yeah, good luck with that!

Here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s episode when there’s yet more drama for the Branning family…

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  1. Lisa Burton on December 21, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Would this ‘surprise’ by any chance be: It was Max all along having the affair with Kat only for Dereck taking the blame with blackmail involved?

  2. Josie on December 22, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    I just hope it is not another mistress. Maybe another love child in the Branning family? If it is another mistress, or God forbid he is helping out Stacy somewhere, then I’m going to get bored. Another Eastender rehash plot. We just got rid of the Kat “I’m having another affair” plot line. I wish the writers will not re-invent the same plot with Max.

  3. Josie on December 29, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Oh well, I was not too far off. Don’t care for this ‘secret wife” bigamist subplot. Its a total retread.

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