EastEnders Spoilers: Janine confesses to David that she murdered Michael! And Big Mo’s back! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

eastenders janine, david

In the last visit of the week to Walford on Friday 20th December, as a grateful David settles into life chez Janine, he reassures her that he’s there for her whenever she needs to talk about Michael.

David continues to manipulate Janine, and after some gentle persuasion, convinces her to visit Pat’s grave with him…

At the cemetery, David regrets how much he let Pat down, and tells Janine that Pat would be proud of the woman she’s become. David then makes a heartfelt apology to his mum’s headstone.

EastEnders EastEnders

Genuinely overwhelmed, David runs off and breaks down in the car before speeding away from the church, leaving Janine stranded. An annoyed Janine returns home to find David packing, and he says he’s leaving Walford for good.

Janine tells David that she needs him, and confides that despite her success, she always manages to destroy everything around her. As she becomes more fraught, Janine finally breaks and confesses that she killed Michael. Little does Janine know, David’s recorded the whole thing on his phone.

EastEnders david janine

Elsewhere, the reality of losing The Vic hits a glum Alfie, but Kat’s on top of the world and reassures him that they can make a fresh start.

Also, Mo returns to Walford for Dot’s OAP Christmas Party, only to discover Cora, Patrick and a hoard of OAPs outside the locked community centre!

eastenders Kat, Alfie, Mo and Charlie

They march over to Dot’s, but there’s no sign of her. However, when Poppy notices the curtains twitch, she realises something’s amiss…

Alfie saves the day by agreeing to arrange the party instead, and recruits Jake to help while a concerned Poppy enters Dot’s house, where she finds a frightened Dot hiding.

Later, with the party in full swing, Lauren surprises Jake in the kitchen and pair enjoy a sneaky kiss. Meanwhile, Alfie embraces Kat and insists she was right – they don’t need The Vic to be happy.

eastenders kat,alfie

Meanwhile, a hungover Tina and Shirley are recovering in the café, having used the money they stole from Mick and Linda for a night on the tiles.

As the pair plan to gatecrash the OAP Christmas party, Tina’s phone rings – it’s Mick…

They ignore the call, but Tina suggests taking back the cash, leaving Shirley with food for thought. However, Shirley decides to do the right thing and she heads off to see her little brother, so Tina’s left to mingle with the OAPs alone.

EastEnders shriley tina

When Shirley finally arrives at the party, Tina’s surprised to hear that Mick’s let them keep the money. Tina’s over the moon as Shirley smiles cryptically and insists that 2014 is going to be one hell of a year.

Also, Lola and Peter continue to meet in secret, but their bubble is suddenly burst when Billy catches them in a state of undress in the back room of the Launderette.

eastenders lola, peter

However, realising how much they care for each other, Billy hatches a plan to get Phil and Ian on board, and invites them both to The Vic. However, his plan backfires when Ian and Phil clash, just as Peter and Lola arrive.

Here’s a look at the next episode…

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