EastEnders Spoilers: Jean Slater’s love life improves, but things aren’t going well for Shirley!


As fans of EastEnders will know, Jean Slater, Shirley Carter and Bianca Butcher accidentally caused a fire at Ian’s restaurant recently, and poor Jean is absolutely frantic with worry that she’ll be found out…

Bianca (Patsy Palmer) is similarly worried, given that she could go back to prison – she is of course on parole – if her part in the affair is discovered, however, Shirley (Linda Henry) is blasé about the whole thing, and she keeps telling Jean and Bianca to stop fretting.

However, as we’ll see next week, Jean’s so panicked that she can’t bring herself to go back to work at Scarlett’s, and when Shirley gets drunk in the Vic, Bianca’s scared that she’ll blurt out the truth about the fire.

But nonetheless, there is a bright spot on the horizon for Jean in the form of Ollie, a fellow allotment owner who’s taken a shine to her. But is Jean in the right frame of mind to embark on a romance right now?

The drama begins on Monday, July 15, when Kat (Jessie Wallace) tells Jean to go to her allotment to get some peace and quiet. However, when she gets there, Ollie follows her around, and so a stressed Jean orders him to leave her alone before disappearing into one of the sheds.

When she comes out, she sees that Ollie has done all her weeding for her, and left a note saying simply, ‘Sorry’ prompting Jean to feel bad for snapping at him.


Then on Tuesday, Kat becomes worried for Jean after the chef tells her that Ollie (Tony O’Callaghan) has asked her out on a date. Kat of course knows how fragile Jean’s mental state can be, so in a bid to find out more about Ollie, Kat persuades Alfie (Shane Richie) to go and talk to the prospective suitor…

On Thursday, we’ll see Alfie doing just that, and after having had a chat with Ollie, he comes to the conclusion that he’s alright and reassures Kat that she needn’t worry about him, adding that he seems to genuinely care for Jean.

However, during a speed dating night at the Vic, Jean worries yet again as she sees Shirley getting more and more drunk, but Bianca soon takes her out of the pub before she can say anything to anyone about the fire…


Once outside, Shirley tells Bianca that she’s had a letter informing her that her benefits have been cut, adding that she’ll be homeless as she can’t now afford to pay rent at the B&B.

Will Bianca take Shirley in? Will Jean and Ollie hit it off? Find out soon!

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