EastEnders Spoilers: Joey Branning will get his sister Alice sacked when he punches Michael Moon! (VIDEO)

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In forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, single dad Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) will hire Alice Branning to be a nanny to his baby daughter Scarlett…

However, when Alice’s over-protective brother Joey suspects that Michael is taking advantage of the naïve girl, he’s set to punch him, and not surprisingly, the brawl will result in Alice (Jasmyn Banks) being fired.

The drama begins when Joey (David Witts) notices that Alice has a new – and expensive – pair of earrings, and jumping to the wrong conclusion, he surmises that Michael must’ve given them to his sister…

So he storms round to Michael’s to confront him, and rather than denying outright that there’s anything going on between him and Alice, Michael enjoys winding Joey up to the point where he throws a punch.

Of the plotline, an EastEnders insider told the Daily Star, “With their dad Derek now dead, Joey feels more protective of Alice than ever.

“She’s a sweet, trusting girl and Joey notices how much babysitting she has been doing for Michael and is convinced that he is taking advantage of her.

“So when he sees the earrings he’s convinced he’s got it right and that Michael is trying to get her into bed.

“Sadly for Joey he ends up making a complete fool of himself, which Michael thinks is hilarious…

alice branning eastenders

“And Joey being Joey, he reacts the only way he knows how – with his fists.

“Alice is devastated by his actions and does her best to try to make things right with Michael.

“He knows none of it was her fault but she feels responsible.”

We’ll see that drama a week on Tuesday on BBC1, but for now, here’s a look at tonight’s episode, when social climber Zainab once again nags Masood to death…

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