EastEnders Spoilers: Johnny Carter is gay!

by Anna Howell

EastEnders the carter family

One of the official requirements for any new family moving to Albert Square is that they have a large back-log of skeletons waiting for the perfect duff-duff moment to jump out of the closet, especially those taking over the iconic Queen Vic pub.

So it was always on the cards that no sooner had the new Carter family in EastEnders had unpacked the silver there would be a huge revelation, and this particular one centres around Johnny.

As previously reported there is a new landlord taking over the pub this Christmas, as Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and his family move into the square round the corner from his sister Shirley (Linda Henry).

Whilst Mick is said to be a far cry from Dyer’s usual gangster type characters, it is still reported by the Daily Star newspaper that he will not take the news that his son, Johnny (Sam Strike) is gay.

Johnny, who show bosses have previously described as a bit of a mummy’s boy, is set to rock the family dynamic when his secret sexuality is finally revealed, after months of keeping it from everyone, pretending to be interested in women in front of his parents.

However, the truth is set to escape when he drunkenly makes a move on bi-sexual property developer, Danny (Gary Lucy), which Danny rebuffs.

EastEnders shriley tina

Johnny thinks the whole thing can just be forgotten, but unfortunately for him the incident had a witness – his Aunt Shirley!

Shirley is not particularly bothered about her nephews sexuality, after all her own sister is a lesbian, but Johnny is petrified of how his father will react and proceeds to make a move on every possible single girl in a bid to throw everyone off the scent.

A show insider is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying:

“He’s kept it a secret for a long time. How will Mick react?

“Will he be more angry that his son hasn’t been honest than the fact that he fancies men? Only time will tell.”

mick carter eastenders

Meanwhile new EastEnders boss, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, has spoken out about the Carter’s, saying how he wants them to become one of the shows iconic families, explaining:

“My team have worked incredibly hard over the past few months to create the Carters – a contemporary British family with cracks, knocked edges and a touch of darkness that is going to make them very special to watch.”

EastEnders continues tomorrow night at 8pm on BBC 1 / BBC 1 HD – Watch the official Christmas trailer in the clip below: