EastEnders: Spoilers for July episodes & Kat confronts Alfie over Roxy’s loan! (VIDEO)

Coming up in July, from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th there’s an episode of EastEnders on each night, which is of course one more than we normally get, so woop!

And ahead of the week’s episodes, the BBC has released some teasers which of course contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, leave now!

If you do want to know – and if you want to see a clip from the June 19th episode which shows Kat confronting Alfie about his loan from Roxy – click ‘Read more’…

On Monday, July 2nd, Joey Branning – who’s due to arrive in Walford next week – uses his sister Alice to get back at their dad Derek, but when Alice realizes what he’s doing, she tried to convince him that Derek’s a changed man, but will Joey believe her?

Also, with sign-ups for the Vic’s football team being few and far between, Kat decides to rally the men of Walford personally, but will her fluttering eyelashes and dazzling smile be enough to tempt them away from their armchairs?

Elsewhere, Lola confronts Jay about being questioned by the police, but she’s in for a very big shock when she gets home!

Finally, in a bid to bond with Ray’s daughter Sasha, Kim gets the teenager a work experience placement in a hospital, but is she being honest about what the work entails?

On Tuesday, July 3rd, Joey’s determined to ruin Derek and Alice’s lunch date, but when that doesn’t go to plan, he gives Alice an ultimatum – she must choose between her dad and her brother. Which will she pick?

Meanwhile, Kat summons the Vic’s football players to the pub for a meeting, during which Big Mo Harris reveals she’s to be their physio! And things get difficult for Kat when she’s forced to consider dropping Alfie from team, given he’s useless!

On Wednesday, July 4th, Kat’s having a ball, flirting with Derek, Jack, Max, Michael and Ray, she soon finds herself in a very compromising situation…

Also in this episode, Phil’s idea to help Shirley get over her grief about Heather comes in the form of a battered old burger van. Will she be impressed with Phil’s gesture or tell him where to stick it?

Phil also forbids Ben from reminding Shirley that it’s Heather’s birthday, but, feeling like he needs to mark the occasion, Ben writes the dead launderette worker a birthday card, which he then hides.

Elsewhere, Lola and Jay become increasingly close as they spend the day together, but will Lola make it home in time for her curfew?

In the episode that airs on Thursday, July 5th, a guilt ridden Kat wants to just forget what happened yesterday, but the other person in the situation may not let her…

Also, Lucy is smitten with Joey Branning, and her feelings for him deepen when he rescues her from an awkward situation.

Elsewhere, Sasha and Cora come up with a cunning plan to bring more business into the charity shop, but what will the Moon boys say when they discover it’ll affect their business?

On Friday, July 6th, a grief-stricken Shirley is out of control, and her erratic behaviour puts her in danger, but luckily for her, one of the Square’s residents is about to turn hero, but it’s the last person you might think it would be!

Also, Joey and Lucy get passionate, but if he wants to maintain a relationship with her, Joey has to make a big decision.

Finally, a tired and distressed Janine is fuming when she hears that Michael has been and registered the baby’s birth without consulting her.

I can’t wait to watch all that drama, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at the episode that airs next Tuesday when Kat confronts Alfie about the loan from Roxy…


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