EastEnders Spoilers: Is Kat going to lose the baby after she and Alfie row?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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On Thursday 2nd January, Nancy is cheerful after seeing Wayne the previous evening, raising Mick and Linda’s suspicions about why her mood has changed so quickly.

Johnny is suspicious of Nancy’s behaviour too, but Nancy is quick to turn it around by asking about his love life – she’s not the only one with secrets. Later, Linda tries to go through Nancy’s phone, so Nancy tells Wayne to stay away till the coast is clear.

Whitney asks Johnny to go out with her sometime, but is disappointed when Johnny suggests Nancy comes with them. In The Vic, Nancy falls out with Dexter, refusing to serve him without ID.

Later when he brushes past her she thinks she’s been groped, so she punches him. Linda witnesses the commotion and tells Nancy off for punching the customers. It sparks a family argument. In the heat of the moment, Nancy tells Linda she knows nothing about her children and that Johnny is gay.

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It is Alfie’s first day on his new stall at the market, and Kat is shocked when she realises he is selling identical stock to her and Bianca. Later, Kat is angry when she realises Alfie is charging less for the same dresses, and when Kat also reduces her prices to undercut Alfie, the competition between them heats up.

When they fall out Kat storms off in a mood, and Alfie heads to the pub to cool off. Back at home, Kat takes a fall and is left clutching her stomach in pain…

Phil gets a text from Ronnie, telling him Carl won’t be coming back. Sharon then gets angry when Phil cancels their plans to take care of some “business”, and Shirley takes pleasure seeing them fight.

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Later Shirley comes across Phil clearing the rest of Carl’s things out of his flat, and he confides in her that Ronnie’s got rid of Carl. As he finishes up the clearing, Phil spots Lola and Peter kissing.

Phil later confronts Ian about what he saw, and reminds Ian that he should be keeping them apart. Ian catches Peter and Lola together and loses his temper with Peter, but Peter defends their relationship and threatens to move out, disgusted by Ian’s fear of Phil.

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